Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A New Plan for Manston?

Work is to begin on how Thanet District Council would respond to a new draft masterplan for Kent International Airport, which is expected to come forward in the next year.

A decision was taken on Tuesday, by the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Panel, to form a Working Party to look at the development of the airport. They will review the available reports and information and consider the position that the Council could take when responding to a draft Masterplan.

They will also look at the results of the public consultation on the 106 Agreement, which was carried out in 2005. That showed that there was general support for the expansion of the airport, with significant opposition focused in areas under and beside the flight path. There was also concern about night flying.

Cllr. Bob Bayford, Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Panel, said: “This is all about preparing for the next stage of the development of Kent International Airport. The Council is aware that a draft Masterplan is likely to be produced by the airport’s owners over the next year and we need a set of ‘experts’ in place, who fully understand the background to this and are familiar with all the reports and data available. The best way of doing that is to establish a Working Party, whose members can learn all about what has happened and indeed what is currently happening at other airports across the country. That means that, when the draft Masterplan comes forward, they will be in an excellent position to advise the Council and its Cabinet when decisions need to be made about the future development of the airport.”


Anonymous said...

I was expecting to read about the new Parish Plan for Manston. The launch is on 10th November in the Village Hall an I think Manston is the first parish in Thanet to start on a plan. We hope it goes well and the biggest shame is that the airport is not included in the Parish despite it's name

Anonymous said...

Nothing seems to be moving forward at Manston and like Oasis Hong Kong 747s, TDC is still going round in circles over the issue. We need to get this site up and running as a serious airport and putting infra-structure in place that will either serve an airport or huge industrial estates and housing on the site. If TDC's plan for Westwood Cross road infrastructure prior to its development is anything to go by, country lanes will be the only access.

Eastcliff Richard said...

As us poor so-and-sos who live under the Oasis oozalum flights here in Ramsgate aren't represented in the majority group, I suspect our objections will be filed in the working party's waste paper basket.

These flights are very bad news for Ramsgate's regeneration, but I wouldn't expect someone who lives in Westgate and earns his living from planes to give anything other than a, er, flying whatsit fot that!

DrMoores said...

In fact it's going past my window every nine minutes or so!

But when you moved to "millionaires row" ECR, didn't you know there was an airport, with more flights then, I suspect than today?

The airport still remains an important factor in the area's regeneration with more advantages than disadvantages, in terms of potential opportunities for the future.

Nethercourt said...

Why is it, that whenever I see that word 'Development' I envisage row upon row of 'affordable' houses?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

It's high time Manston was a major regional airport.

Ignore the nimbys Simon

Mr Friday said...

It's high time we moved on from the idea that Manston Airport can be the answer to all of our problems. It couln't return a profit-making business even when it was propped up with taxpayers subsidies so has no chance now the likes of KCC/TDC will be very nervous about handing over further cash.

I would suggest we use the entire site for housing and dual-carraigeway the road from Minster to Cliffsend and upgrade all the other "rat-runs" near the airport as part of the development. This would enable us to meet some home-building targets as well as ensuring the road infrastructure is there to support it.

Mad ? No madder than agreeing to build 1000 homes in the most congested part of Thanet.

Any comments ?

Anonymous said...

Here here, Mr Friday.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well it's certainly not in your back yard, Jeremy. You live in Finchley.