Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Balls in Play

Kent County Councillor Clive Hart has been confirmed as the Chair of Governors at Laleham Gap Special School (in Thanet). Clive has been performing the role of Chair for several months on a temporary basis and on Tuesday (2nd October) the board of governors asked him to continue for a further full year.

Cllr. Clive Hart said ‘it is both an honour and a privilege to be elected chair of governors at Laleham Gap. It really is a wonderful school. We have recently become a leading light in relation to anti-bullying and healthy eating and as a centre of excellence in relation to our special school status staff and pupils really do shine.

The ‘outstanding’ status awarded to Laleham Gap following this years OFSTED inspection is a testament to the hard working pupils, the dynamic head teacher, the conscientious staff and a supportive board of governors.

The coming year will be a very exciting one with the strong possibility of vastly improved premises being provided through the Governments impressive Building Schools for the Future programme and our first item of business on Tuesday evening was to start formal negotiations with the Local Education Authority to that end’.

Ed: Your photo captions are welcomed! I have taken the liberty of correcting a spelling slip in the original text of the release as I don't think Clive really meant to write "Conscious staff". If he did, then please let me know and I'll correct it from 'Conscientious'.


Anonymous said...

Clive's expression is like a rabbit's caught in the headlights, or a wide boy with his hand in the till. Or perhaps Balls is playing with his .... .

Anonymous said...

Clive is a becoming a very politically involved and somewhat busy person. TDC, KCC, and now education as well as a full time job.
Is it possible for one person to do it all well in the time available?
Or will it mean prioritising and leaving some so called less important matter undone which a plain old solely TDC Cllr would have time for?

Anonymous said...

Suspiciously like labour's ppc to me.

CLIVE HART said...

No need to worry about workload - as I say on my page on the TDC website 'I am now dedicated full time to local district and county duties'.

I wouldn't take on any role that had a negative effect on my main duties as a local councillor.

The Laleham job is extremely rewarding and complements my main roles.

As I said, it's both an honour and a privilage to be chair of governors at such a wonderful school!

Eastcliff Richard said...

And if he places himself strategically outside the school think of the money KCC will save on a zebra crossing!

Still, I can hardly talk. I'm hardly a colourful personality myself.

DrMoores said...

Whether Cllr Hart is in receipt of a disability benefit from the Electricity Board or not is both irrelevant and intrusive.

I have removed the earlier comment which appears personally motivated and if Cllr Hart wishes to comment on gis re-election plans and ambitions for 2009 then it's up to him!

Anonymous said...

Cllr.Hart appears to have possession of all his faculties, and so if the rumours are true, then the public has a right to ask questions. This is a national issue. Why do we pay perfectly fit people a disability benefit?

If he has nothing to fear then he can quash the rumour here and now.