Friday, October 12, 2007

Mine All Mine

Did the earth move for you this morning?

The BBC reports that a World War II mine was detonated off Margate at 10:35 am after it was caught up in a fishing vessel's nets.

The controlled explosion about 1.2 miles from the harbour registered with the British Geological Survey (BGS) in Edinburgh.

Numerous calls were received by Thanet council and BBC Radio Kent, from people fearing a repeat of April's earthquake around the coast in Folkestone.

A BGS spokesman said the equivalent magnitude was 2.5 on the Richter scale.

The coastguard spokesman said it was thought the mine, described as an 8ft-long and 3ft-round metal cylinder, could have contained up to a tonne of explosives.


Anonymous said...

"Councillor Roger Latchford said it was an attention seeking stunt from Ramsgate fisherman".

Ken Gregory said...

Nothing to do with dear old roger, just chicken licken getting her own back

James Maskell said...

I felt it outside Thorton Bobby in Cliftonville. Very strange, like a heavy lorry going by.

Anonymous said...

May I refer to the silting up of Ramsgate harbour, as a boat owner and one that is paying more and more in the form of harbour fees, without services. I find it most concerning that twice the "Harbour users group meeting", has been cancelled recently, and this means our representatives can not speak to the ellected councillor Roger Latchford, in person, is he a "Doggy Roger" I gust wonder, avoiding the issue, the sand is certainly not going away on its own. Whilst on the subject of Harbour mooring fees should someone not advise us where the cash income goes, it is certainly not being reinvested in the harbour. Maybe for councillors (non) attendance fees. Just look at the numbers many moorings were empty this year and more will be going. Maybe another old WW2 mine might be usefull, to open up the entrance.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Re: 2.17. Blimey, don't you know that NOTHING happens quickly in Thanet!!! The TDC always wait until it's too late. Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

On the subject of sand, why is TDC playing sand castles on Margate main Beach; not more arty -farty sand sculpturing/ quad- bikes etc?