Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Going Underground

I can confirm that the London Mayor travels by underground. Mind you, with the size of the congestion charge he's set for the city, I was hardly surprised to see him sitting on the same train alongside a carriage packed with the inevitable Eastern Europeans going about their day in our great city.

At the same time, I can confirm that our Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, is even smaller than she appears in real life and that having trampled on her, quite by accident, outside Comittee Room 6 at Westminster, I must now flee the country as a potential terrorist suspect!

Security at Westminster is even tighter than ever. I watched two of our 'Lords', one being a Baroness, having the full body 'pat-down' treatment, which suggests that the state of alert is somewhat higher than usual.

I left, just as Sir Menzies Campbell the leader of the Liberal Democrats, was taken outside and shot, "after a brutal coup by his own MPs."

The final 'coup de grace' was given by Party president Simon Hughes who said in a statement: "Over the past two years, Ming has given stability and purpose to our party. "


Anonymous said...

The campaign against Sir Menzies Campbell reveals the ugly nature of ageism in our society as much as the hidden neglect in our NHS hospitals of the elderly and infirm. When are the grey-haired and elderly going to exert themselves as a force in our society? Campbell is 66 but his 'crime' is that he looks older according to the BBC who mocked the black and white footage of his athletic prowess in the 60s! The treatment by the Liberal Party of 'their' leader is as callous as nurses telling elderly patients with C.Difficile diarrhoe to 'defecate in their bed' and then lie in their excrement. I hope the grey haired Liberals continue to abandon their Party.

Ken Gregory said...

Mr Livingstone also uses cars and eats bacon sarnies as I found out when I drove him back to london after a speaking engagement in Fordingbridge some years ago. Nice guy, despite his political leanings!

DrMoores said...

With a name like "Ken" you could be Mayor of London one day!