Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fifteen Years for Mazza

Cliftonville man, Daniel Mazza has been told by a judge that he will not be considered for release until he had served 15 years for the murder of David Gavin, in Clifton Gardens.

Kent Online reports that Maidstone Crown Court heard during the two-week trial how Mazza went out armed with a knife up his sleeve after a row with his girlfriend Siobhan Laming.

He returned home and told her: "I hope you are happy now. I have f------ killed him. He is brown bread."

Mazza plunged the blade into 26-year-old Mr Gavin three times - once in the head and twice in the neck.

The victim staggered into his nearby basement flat in Athelstan Road, Margate, but bled to death in the lounge.

Mazza was obviously an incident waiting to happen. He already 63 convictions and has been recently released from a three-year prison sentence for robbery. He was still on licence when he committed the murder.

Ed: "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime." Don't make me laugh! The trouble is that I am told there are many more young men like Mr Mazza living in Thanet, enjoying the sea air at the taxpayers expense and still on license, so be careful out there!


Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes someone else's life with intention should get 60 years, period.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone on license is a danger.

Anonymous said...

How on earth someone like this can have 63 previous crimes and be allowed to live amongst decent, civilised people ! The justice system is absolute crap and I agree completely with the sentiment that it was only a matter of time before he did something like this. Some people are just lawless and do not know how to integrate into society. As he has already served a prison sentence, then prison holds no fears for him and - speaking from experience - he probably came out of prison feeling he was above the law, a terrible shame that it took the death of a man to show him he wasn't. It is a sad fact that several small sentences served do not allow for rehabilitation and just enforces the mentality that lawlessness rules. Prison is not the hell-hole that the reformers would have us believe. You either come out having learned your lesson and determined never to go back, or you come out 'educated' and an habitual in this case. I don't pretend to know the answers, but it is a waste of two lives, the victim AND the murderer.

DrMoores said...

True but if the police were prepared to admit to the number of potentially "dangerous" offenders walking the streets of Thanet, I suspect it might provoke outrage!

Remember, they are not prepared to give-up the even number of sex-offender/paedophiles on the island under the Freedom of Information Act on the grounds that the information "May provoke public disorder."

Anonymous said...

63 convictions in such a short life illustrates the ineffectiveness of our Criminal Justice system. This man has grown up in Blair's Britain and 10 years of lawless behaviour has at last led to a significant punishment. It is a pity that the victim had to lose his life before we were prepared as a society to punish this nast piece of work properly. We need more prison space and sentences that punish properly. If we can 're-form' at the same time that would be brilliant but the bottom line should be removal into custody for a long period to protect the rest of society. We are well rid of this individual until at least 2019!

Michael child said...

Living in the town centre I am acutely aware that the general level of acceptable behaviour is falling, I don’t just mean here, last time I went to Canterbury I counted 15 broken windows in the town centre, and the woman in the card shop said it was no longer safe for her to go outside after 9 pm.

I think the crux of the problem is waiting for people to commit a serious crime before taking any action; young people especially are inclined to push boundaries to see where the limits are.

I don’t think an expensive prison building scheme is necessarily the answer, locking people up who are no danger to society when they could be heavily fined to help pay for better law enforcement seems a much better option that would free up prison spaces for the people who are a danger to society.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I agree with your general sentiment but would have to ask how many of his 63 previous offences were met with fines, and also, how he might find the money to pay a fine of any size? His crime was an outrage but imagine the public outcry if it had been a vicar or some passer-by. The public are slightly muted I think because this was a thug-on-thug killing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31 excellent point. How does a deadbeat like Mazza come up with the money for a fine? I'm not sure building more prison spaces is necessarily the answer either. Maybe if we deported the thousands of foreigners languishing in our jails. The rest of the criminals could actually serve the full sentence, instead of being let out halfway through, as seems to be the case nowadays. Personally I would have Mazza take a one way trip to the gallows, but our EU overlords don't allow such barbarism.

Anonymous said...

A drug addict who additionally fuelled himself up from the offie before having the bottle to attack a rival ?

Drugs readily available anywhere in UK.

Last year there was a report about a new type of human emerging. The result of the mum binge drinking during pregnancy so the theory went.

Smaller heads, thinner lips, smaller physiques, low IQ and feral.

My wife and I shew the picture, from the report, to our grown up daughters. Each said "Doesn't that picture look like some of the boys from Millmead". Then we shew them the text.

The way things are going we need those Poles not just to do the work, that the locals are too idle to do, but to improve the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Was this murderer one of our 'shipped in rubbish' or was he Thanet born and bred?
Whatever, it was a piece of trash that needs to be locked up for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Two druggies arguing over drugs. Where else would it end?

Anonymous said...

Could I just point out that the Mr Mazza is 26, Labour came into power in 1997, therefore, he actually spent his formative years being raised under a TORY government. And his parents were most probably self-centred Thatcherites too. So sorry, you can't blame Tony Blair or the Labour Government for this behaviour. It took 18 years to destroy community in this country and to foster the self-centredness we now have. It will take at least another generation to remove the effects of that vile woman.