Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fashion Victim

A fiend of mine told me yesterday how his car was broken into in Ramsgate last week. He arrived in time to see a man stealing his radio and gave chase but the thief took a short cut across the railway line, so my friend decided to let him go.

I rather wonder what would have happened if he had caught the thief as my friend is a 2nd Dan. He is more likely to have been the one slapped in jail I suspect!

Back in Ramsgate again, Kent Online reports that a man was robbed of £200 after leaving Coral the bookmakers in Alexandra road.

The 46-year-old victim was approached by and threatened by a man who searched through his pockets until he found the cash.

He is said to be in his mid 30s, Afro-Caribbean and wore a purple and white striped shirt and black trousers.

The robbery happened just after 3pm on Tuesday, September 25, and Det Con Clare Walker on 01843 222071 would like to hear from any person who saw the incident or can help with the inquiry.

Ed: Given the description, the mugger may stick out a bit in Ramsgate. After all a purple and white shirt, I ask you?


Anonymous said...

A black guy with a purple and white stripped shirt, It sounds more like huggy bear from starsky and hutch, was he wearing high heels by any chance.

Anonymous said...

He would have been better wearing a mask and carrying a bag marked swag than that outfit! Was he in the bookies watching the winnings being collected?