Friday, October 26, 2007

Bloggus Interruptus

I'm back but my PC keeps crashing with a nasty system error, which is causing a certain amount of Bloggus interruptus."

Other than that, I'm on the hot Lemsip and so I'm not feeling that inspired to write anyway. I'll try and get the computer running properly and then hopefully, I'll be able to start posting. I've got this far without another crash - five already - so it's looking hopeful!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! The cold virus is sadly harder to eradicate than computer ones. Try fresh squeezed lemon, honey, a single malt (liberal amount) with some hot water, stir and consume. You will feel better even if it does not combat the cold!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Cllr and hope you feel better soon

Michael Child said...

Simon nice to see you back, after innumerable crashes I think due to badly written software for peripherals I have reformatted over vista and reinstalled XP it took a while to find a 98 boot disk the only way I could think of getting all the matches back into the box.

The Englishman and his perpetual bloody cold, I have it too, have joined the blogging world and have noticed the conundrum that once you get the people who make the important decisions to comment on important issues you are reluctant to shoot them down in flames so they won’t come back and comment again.

Anonymous said...

I find a distinct correlation between the number of longhaul flights I take and the number of colds I suffer.
As long as the aircrafts ventilation filters have been maintained, not a sure thing, its better to sit at the front where you will have less bugs in the air but more oxygen.