Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Your Thanet Blogger

The Bloggers have competition today with the launch of "YourThanet" from KOS Media.

The paper is also available as a 'freebie' from the newagents and it will be interesting to see the impact on the established local papers circulation and whether the Thanet Gazette or Thanet Times will suffer as a consequence.

It even has "YourThanetBlogger" where a mystery writer will, each week, air his or her views on living in Thanet; an original idea!

It's good to have another source of local news and to hear that "Thorley Tavens are now taking bookings for Christmas."

"Whether there is enough local news and gossip to go around is another question and inevitably, local newspapers descend into the mundane and the bizarre in their efforts to fill column inches against fifty pages of property space. If anything really interesting happens in Thanet, you'll probably find news of it here or on one of the other popular local weblogs first!


Anonymous said...

Bit like a weekly version of thanet matters the gazette has nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Disagree.gazette and times are rubbish rags,this has a much better take on issues and i for one wish them well