Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wildlife Trust

Proof positive that primitive man is alive and well in Thanet, with news that police chased and arrested five men for hunting a wild animal with dogs. (a Badger I'm guessing)

The police were called to a farm in Minster on Friday night after receiving reports that the hunt was taking place.

The men involved - and their dogs? - tried to escape but police caught up with them in a 4x4 vehicle. All five were given cautions.

Chief Inspector Mark Chambers said: "These arrests send out a clear message that the hunting of wild mammals with dogs is not acceptable."

Ed: I'm sure they will be devastated to learn that their behaviour is unnacceptable and will be shamed by their caution. I don't think so somehow. What is equally worrying is that a directed effort towards tormenting wild animals in this very brutal fashion is frequently reflected in display of violent anti-social behaviour elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

sends out what message ? That you can do it at least twice before your prosecuted?

Michael Child said...

The fundamental problem here is that if there is no effective zero tolerance immediate punishment for minor antisocial crimes the general level of antisocial behaviour will continue to deteriorate until the country is unpoliceable.

The solution is simple equip each police officer with a camcorder strapped to their uniform so they can operate it hands free. Arrest the miscreants and put them into a police cell until a magistrate becomes available, if they plead guilty the fine should equate to the policing costs if they plead not guilty show the video in court if the magistrate finds them guilty the fine should include the court costs.

This way there would normally be no need for statements and the associated bureaucracy freeing up a considerable amount of police time.

Anonymous said...

Although there are some badgers around here my guess would be they were chasing Hares with dogs. The hares fetch a reasonable price with game dealer and as it also involves gambling there is a lot of money to be had. It seems to be popular with our fine upstanding Roma folk as well. Some of the people involved are very nasty.

Anonymous said...

Had a problem last year in fields beside Manston Road with 4 x 4 and guys hare-coursing. The 4x4 number plate turned out to be a white van registered to an electrician in Manchester! What a waste of effort if these guys near Minster were cautioned. Surely more could have been done? Types who behave like this normally have a history of crime.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Come on Police... let US have their names and approximate addresses... and we'll change the odds a little. Their offensive attitude will soon be on the lilt, as their need to find a safe abode may well be underground!

Anonymous said...

Caution not enough.
Thanet of the Apes.

Anonymous said...

Feed their "naggers" to the Badgers!