Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well Underway

I've been nagging SouthEastern railways since I became a councillor, to have Westgate station re-painted, as they had apparently promised to do so in the past. As I won't be able to attend the Westgate residents meeting on Monday night, here's an update from the company in reply to my latest letter:

"You have my assurance that Westgate on Sea (and all other stations on our network) will be re-painted and the programme is well underway.

However, you will understand that we have to prioritise and resources will intially be diverted to stations in the worse condition. I am afraid that there are stations in worse condition than Westgate and these are being re-painted first."

So there you have it, Westgate hasn't been painted, I think, since I used to travel to school in Broadstairs forty years ago but "programme is well underway" and spare a thought for all those other stations facades that are crumbling around the poor railway passenger, while the Eurostar dashes into its gleaming new London terminus at 200mph and several billion pounds later!

Ed: A Quick footnote. The comments suggest that the Station is now being painted. Something I said perhaps? But if it is, I'm delighted and I'll go and have a look on Saturday morning!


Anonymous said...

£6,000,000,000 spent to get Eurostar to Paris 20 minutes earlier works out at £200,000,000 per minute of travel saved!!! Value for money? Nonsense!

But for Westgate Station, effectively spin and garbage from SE Railways; what they are really saying is THERE ARE NO PLANS IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE TO REFURBISH! So Doc, go back to them and ask them if they could let you have their list of greater priorities and whether they have any idea whatsoever when they might put a lick of paint on our Station.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, £300,000,000 per min!!!

DrMoores said...

The train company is under no obligation to do this and I have been told that it is in their schedule of works but where that is can be anyone's guess, so I keep nagging!

What you discover very quickly as a councillor is that organisations, agencies and public servants are attentive, responsive and polite (e.g the police) but actually achieving a result can be a long, frustrating and drawn-out process. This is because in reality, one has no effective weapon other than persistence in dealing with layers of beauracracy.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

but what colour?

Chris Roos said...

The re-painting programme is mentioned in Southeastern's latest propaganda (sorry, news) letter. They've completed Waterloo East and I think they're now working on Orpington. I wonder if they'll simply work their way down the line from London? If so, I think we'll be waiting just a little while yet.

Oh, and as for the colour, it seems to be a reversal of what they have currently. White on blue instead of blue on white. Exciting huh.

Anonymous said...

Two painters put an undercoat on the station ticket office -track side- and the stairs last week plus some primer but they seem to has dissappeared again.

Anonymous said...

correction-the painters are back and painting the front of the station too.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that your persistance in this matter is paying dividends Doc?