Saturday, September 15, 2007


One of the more unusual banners I've been asked to fly, leaving for the Spurs ground this afternoon but tomorrow, being Battle of Britain Day and Margate Day both, will be a little more sedate, with a "Remember The Few" message over St John's church in Margate at 10:15 am, just before the memorial service.

After that, I'm told I have to go and dress-up in my Margate Charter Trustees robes for the procession and event at the Winter Gardens. I think I'm given a three pointed hat to wear!

Sad to hear of the loss of a pilot and his Hurricane fighter, displaying at this afternoon's RAFA Shoreham airshow, which is, after all, a celebration of the memory of those who took part. After all, "Never in the field of human conflict, has so much been owed by so many to so few."

Given the dismal treatment of our armed services by the present government, that debt and covenant appears to have been conveniently forgotten over the last decade.

If you had happened to have been strolling along Minster road in Westgate on this day in 1940 you would have come across the picture below.


Anonymous said...

Well Simon you are now getting into the old boy councillor self agrandisement thing - the robes and silly hat - do you know that this farce of the Charter Trustees costs us council taxpayers approx 110 thousand pounds a year for all the ceremony pomp and other rubbish?
And what do they do? They raise about 10 thousand a year for charity! And make themselves feel important!
This dressing up as aforementioned in the Mayor of Toytown outfits and the associated expenses is
a useless farce and wicked waste of money which would be better spent in so many other ways.
You should be ashamed to participate.

DrMoores said...

Do you really think I haven't got other more pressing calls on my time?

Being a Charter Trustee goes with the role of Westgate councillor. I have no choice in the matter and your remarks about "toy town", "self-importance" a "useless farce" and "dressing-up are contemptible."

What associated expenses?

The MCTs serve a purpose along with the role of Mayor. The same traditions will be found in hundreds of towns up and down the country.

DrMoores said...

And if you address me by my first name, as if there was some familiarity between us, then have the decency to identify yourself rather than remain anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Contemptible but true, boy have they got to you!
Not all Cllrs will be in the fancy dress today, you will see.
No choice? Really?
Ask someone you can rely on and who actually knows what the expenses of the trustees are? You wwill be amazed and should be shocked at the waste of money.
Just because a practice is widespread does not make it right.

Anonymous said...

The kids TV series Trumpton started in 1967

The Margate Charter Trustees started in 1974

MCT is not old or anciently traditional but relatively recent and was started because we lost the old Borough Council when we got TDC.

So why the 18th Century costume?

Someone had been watching Trumpton apprently.

That's a lot of council taxpayers' money down the municipal drain over the years - and what is to show for it?
Does it attract tourists who spend money in the area, like the Queen does for London?
I could understand that IF it did but unfortunately it doesn't.

Its hard not to be drawn into it if you have the chance I suppose.

DrMoores said...

If the Mayor invites you to the towns celebrations and civic service in your official role as a councillor, it's only polite to acknowledge. I'm certainly not "drawn" into anything!

Anonymous said...

What's with the personal sniping here, 9.14/5.51/6.08? I am all for a little bit of Civic Pomp and Ceremony and why the hell not? If a Councillor takes on the job of serving his community and this has a 'ceremonial' role on the odd occasion then great! If you don't like it, become a Councillor and change it; in the mean time try to be less carping and mean spirited.

Anonymous said...

Three mayors and mayoress's plus staff and premises yet only one Thanet-why?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Isn't it about time you stopped anonymous posts?

DrMoores said...

As you know, I'm very reluctant to switch on any form of moderation and on the whole, measured against the number of visits, people are self-moderating, which is encouraging. We get the occasional hiccough but that has to be expected!

Mr Friday said...

I saw your banner on Sunday but, from where I was, it read like "REMEMBER THE FEM". Everyone with me came to the same conclusion too.

Are you subconsciously campaigning for the female vote...!!!

DrMoores said...

Well, I hope it said "Remember the few"!

Anonymous said...

It did!