Monday, September 10, 2007

Police Seek Witness in Dog Attack on Child

It was only this summer that I was remarking about dangerous dogs on our beaches and now we read that a girl of nine received serious bites when she was attacked by two dogs at Victoria Parade in Ramsgate on August 4th.

The animals, a Jack Russell and a Rottweiler, were being walked by a man and a woman.

The girl’s grandmother was also injured as she tried to prize the dogs off. The bites needed hospital treatment and may lead to permanent scarring.

Kent Police say the couple with the dogs were aggressive and left the scene in a blue people carrier. Some children provided what they believed to be part of the registration plate but it did not tally. The car has so far not been traced.

The girl, from Bedfordshire, was on holiday and playing ball when the attack happened between 6pm and 6.50pm on a Saturday.

Police in Thanet now want to hear from people who witnessed the attack or who knows the dogs' owners.

Anyone with information is asked to telephone PC Dan Fordom on 01843 222778 or Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Anonymous said...

Why do dog owners seem to think us non-dog owners will not mind them coming up to us, running around, licking and generally getting in our face, etc. I do not like dogs, my father didn't, he had a fear of them as a result of being confronted by hungry guard dogs in POW camps. People should keep more control of their dogs. If any come near my daughters, who also dislike them, when I am there guess which will come to more harm first?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

My dog, when he was alive, was always on a lead during excercise walks. This stopped any problems that might have arisen.
How about those scum monsters, who let their stafford loose on a baby rabbit...... for fun(?)in Ellington Park.

Anonymous said...

These dogs are everywhere, all over thanet, they are a status symbol for young men and those old enough to know better, bit bulls and staffys, young men love them because they are a weapon. Saw one tonight at westgate with owners letting it run free and interfering with other dogs and young children... is anything being done? i thought they were banned... if those children are traced who did that awful crime in Ramsgate please get them into mental care as has been pointed out time and time again children who harm and torture animals go onto harm and torture adults, see the notes on the James Bulger case.

Anonymous said...

I Absolutly agree with you.The people who own there dogs are not normal if they do this sort of thing.It is disgusting..

Anonymous said...

All dogs should be on leads in Public and banned from beaches altogether.

Anonymous said...

These yob adults (owners) were clearly driving around on false plates; when will we realise that only by stopping cars and policing traffic will we catch up with the criminal element. Such people as these warrant great police interest because they probably are criminals in other respects as well.

Anonymous said...

Carefull 8.22 You'll be accused of oppressing those poor dog owners and denying their human right to have their pets eat the faces off of other people's children!!