Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pleasurama Meeting

Michael Child writes:

"Firstly as I am sure most of you know there will be an open meeting that anyone can attend of the East Cliff residents association at Albion house tomorrow 13th September 2007 the main item for discussion will be Pleasurama the developers representative TDC officials and the architect will be there.

I have been pressing very hard for the two main safety issues, the state of the cliff and its façade, and the flood and storm protection, to be addressed before any other work is started.

The access road from Harbour Parade is very close to the cliff façade and the damaged cliff wall behind Kent terrace and I am concerned that vibration caused by its construction could trigger a collapse.

I am also concerned that the flood and storm assessment does not make sufficient provision for the safety of the people living in the apartments and guests staying at the hotel, both in terms of the protection of the building and emergency escape to the cliff top.

The news as far as I can find out is that it is now the intention to repair the cliff properly, (tenders have been arranged) before any building work starts, the experts I have consulted tell me this will probably take about a year, so yes another year's delay.

The environment agency tells me that they will not be attending the meeting as they have already advised the council so their task is completed.

The advice as far as I can find out is that the shown base line of the building is at the very lowest limit for commercial use much lower than would be allowed for residential, therefore the building will be subject to periodic storm damage. With the cliff behind preventing escape in a storm the residential part of the building would be like the Titanic without lifeboats. So a series of escapes will be necessary to the cliff top.

Finally it is my intention to press the council to move back the fencing around the site so it just leaves sufficient room for the work in the cliff façade to be carried out so the site can be used for parking and other leisure facilities for the next year."

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