Tuesday, September 04, 2007

MVS Masterbrew

I was at the dedication of the new Maritime Volunteer Service 'RIB' outside the Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs this morning. Named the MVS 'Masterbrew' and sponsored appropriately by Shepherd Neame, the craft was given a liberal baptism of ale to help it on its way.

I've put up the rest of the photos, here, for any of readers that attended to download.

In the event of severe floods, Tsunami or any other maritime emergency, the Masterbrew and its volunteer crew, will be available to rescue the good people of Thanet, six at a time and so they deserve our support during this period of global warming, together with all other volunteer services, such as the RNLI.


Anonymous said...

The English love dressing up in uniform and 'organising' and giving themselves ranks. I cannot but feel that the MVS (formed in 1994) is just a 'grown up' version of Sea Scouts, with guys messing around in boats for their own pleasure and enjoyment. But as a 'charity' and a necessity? all a little irrelevant today. The RNLI has traditionally led our voluntary maritime rescue service and I personally will support them financially rather than donate to the 'charity' that is the MVS.

Martin said...

The MVS does not offer to compete with the RNLI, we do not offer an emergency rescue service like the Institute's or independant lifeboats do.

In the case of flooding, we would work with the lifeboats and fire brigade to help them and to free up their rescources.

We offer cover and support to the coastguard and local authorities for planned events and for major disasters, we also provide training in traditional and current marine skills.

If you only have a pound to give to a good cause then please do give it to the lifeboats, if you can spare a little more for us then thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with 8.01. Sad old men dressing up as pretend sea captains, and don't they just look ridiculous ! I was approached last week to make a donation to the MVS and until then i had never heard of the charity. Why is it so badly publicised if it is indeed regarded as an 'additional' emergency service ?

DrMoores said...

Comment removed for violating both the acceptable use policy and the English language together!

Anonymous said...

Well i think those that are taking the mick are just horrid and rude indivduals, im with st john ambulance and i see that the MVS are an extremely friendly and charming bunch of volunteers. Most in fact are Ex Services who wish to do something active which they may not be able to do with the RNLI, they dont ask for much if anything at all. Those that wish to be down right rude need to grow up and take a step back and look at their own lives before being childish towards others, i know this is old news but well done you lot and all the best for the future also thanks for the article