Tuesday, September 04, 2007

East Kent Tories Launch Referendum Campaign

North Thanet`s Roger Gale and Charlie Elphicke, Dover & Deal, took time out with newly-wed Laura Sandys at her South Thanet wedding party this week to launch a campaign that will lead to the distribution of tens of thousands of leaflets calling for a referendum on the draft European Treaty.

In a joint statement issued at the Pegwell Bay Hotel East Kent`s leading Tories said:

"This leaflet invites people to get in touch with us and to indicate their demand for a referendum on an issue that will affect the whole future of our Country.

We believe that the draft constitutional treaty is no more and no less than a thinly-veiled attempt to re-introduce the European Constitution under another name. Indeed, outside Britain other European leaders have recognised and admitted that most of the provisions of the original constitution are contained within the constitutional treaty and that only cosmetic changes have been made.

Blair, as Prime Minister, promised that the British people would have their say in a referendum. Brown, as Prime minister, is seeking to deny us that right and wants to force approval for a fundamental constitutional change through parliament alone.

We hope that the people of East Kent will respond to our initiative, which is not funded through Labour`s "Parliamentary Communications Allowance", in their thousands and by doing so they will help us to send a very clear message to Downing Street: Give Us the right to vote".

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Anonymous said...

Good to see some positive action in progress locally on this issue.