Sunday, September 30, 2007

Crying Wolf.

Just before I wander out to support the Boy's Brigade march in Westgate on a wonderfully sunny Autumn afternoon, I would like to make a brief point about "crying wolf" on this website.

The comment entry, further below, came in this morning as a comment, I forwarded this to Cllr Shirley Tomlinson, who took time out from her Sunday morning to visit the site and investigate. She tell's me there's nothing there!

Readers will know that if they draw something to my attention, that I'll do my best to help and take appropriate action, whether the matter is in my own ward or not; by forwarding the email to the right councillor if necessary. However, if I start sending out false alarms like this one, neither Thanet Life or I will be taken seriously, something I'm sure readers would rather avoid.

So please, check your facts and if you want me to help act on a problem, by all means leave an anonymous comment but I won't move it on in future unless I receive a separate email with your name on it. Is that fair?

"Those big bins are all out at the Waste Tip next to the Cemetry. (nice) They are stacked 20-30 high, rotting in the open conditions. The TDC seem to have turned a 'blind eye' to this fact. Have a look quick because as soon as they read this, they'll move them round the back out of the Public's eye."


Anonymous said...

Yes thats fair comment doc.

Anonymous said...

I have just seen this comment and I am nothing to do with the original poster but I can confirm that there were a large number of the 1100 litre steel wheeliebins out at the Manston Rd Depot a few weeks ago when I went up there.
I haven't been there recently and maybe they have now gone, I know some of them were redundant due to age as the reason I was looking there was that TDC had taken away 2 rather decrepit ones which I had bought from Serco or Sita a few years ago - and replaced them with 2 brand new ones marked property of TDC.
Anyway as long as TDC keep emptying them every week I don't care who technically owns them, but I did find my old ones at the depot, they were easily identifiable as I had orange dayglo spray painted my name on them!
Honestly guv thats the only graffiti I ever did.
So this report wasn't exactly untrue, just out of date.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way I forgot to mention in my above reply they were never stacked 20 or 30 high, that is truly ridiculous. There were some stacked several high but that was all. You physically could not stack them that high anyway as they are about 5 foot tall, we are talking 150 foot high IF it could be done, which it couldn't.

Anonymous said...

The TDC team have been putting out new bins along the seafronts and replacing old or damaged bins - they had a big delivery earlier in the year and have been doing the job as fast as they can, these are big unwieldy objects to move around and you can't do it the whole of Thanet in one week so of course they have been stored at the depot over the summer.
But they were not stored 20 or 30 high of course, its not possible or desirable to do so.
Why Cllrs should be so interested in this perfectly normal run of the mill operation is not clear to me.

Anonymous said...

The bins along the seafront in Cliftonville (very handy especially for plastic bottles etc.) have disappeared in the last week.