Friday, September 21, 2007

Content Aware

I should have been in Warsaw today but a diary clash with no flights yesterday evening after 19:30 from Heathrow, means that I'll be flying a banner over Ramsgate tomorrow afternoon instead. The banner is all to do with the demand for a referendum on the EU constitution, so look-up around 4:30pm.

Meanwhile for the photo-bloggers and amateur photographers among you, have a look at this new technology that will be cominn our way soon, called "Content Aware Imaging."

Forget cropping your photos, this is very different indeed!


Anonymous said...

Stalin and the Soviets would have loved this technology to alter pictures!

Anonymous said...

Shame you did not support YOUR local airport (Manston) for your banner flying caper.

DrMoores said...

You've lost me 3:32!!