Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coastal Pressures

Thanet comes in for comment in a feature in today's Guardian newspaper, which examines the future of seaside towns:

"Connectivity in coastal areas is also a problem, with many accessible only via minor roads. However, there are some resorts that buck this trend, notably Blackpool, Hastings and Southend-on-Sea. Moreover, the problem is exacerbated where there is poor levels of connectivity and high levels of traffic (journeys per km), as is found in a number of areas such as Thanet, Torbay and Great Yarmouth. Thus, there are pressures on the physical and natural environment within coastal towns, threatening their appeal as places to live and work."

Apparently, the North-South divide is as big as it ever was when it comes to comparing Blackpool with Brighton but a significant problem remains with "Low levels of skills restricting the potential to commute to higher paid jobs."

Ed: In the attached clipping from last week, we can also see that according to Harriet Harman (MP), "Kent has fallen off the political map" of Britain, as well. When the government finally re-discovers it, please let me know!

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