Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beside the Seaside

Not quite the kind of advertising for Margate that we might have liked or is it simply a straightforward observation of some of the many problems we are facing here in Thanet from one visitor's point of view?:

"I have never been to an environment like that with such awful drug problems", "there are so many tensions because of the immigration centre."

Comments from Daniel Percival, who played Moses in the film of the Margate "Exodus."

You can read the remainder of the interview in Kent On Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I've just got used to the behaviour and number of immigrants in Margate but it doesn't seem as bad as all that these days. You have to remember that this film was made a while ago and there has been some dispersal over the last year or so.
A notable exception is the Dalby Square/ Ethelbert Crescent area and around the Police Station where there are fairly constant exhibitions of behaviour in the street which, while not illegal, are perceived as alien, threatening and disturbing to other residents.
As far as drugs is concerned is Margate really any worse than anywhere else? I don't hear of crazed acid head muggings and killings in the streets on a regular basis or drug gang shootouts or driveby shootings like in some other areas.
So generally, although I do believe we have problems here, I can not agree with the sentiment and view expressed by this actor.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly agree with you anon 7:17.This film was made a while ago and there is a real push for regeneration in margate.there are a few new shops in the old town plus a new wine bar is opening,the piazza looks really good and there have been some great events ie the carnival,jazz festival,art on the beach,sea sculpture to name but a few.Margate has fabulous beaches and sunsets and i believe the hotel mentioned in the article no longer houses immigrants and is being used a the fantastic hotel it could be.I had reservations when i heard about Margate being used for this film-how right i was..

JJ said...

Sounds as though it's a bit of a publicity stunt. Now who exactly is this actor?

On filming, I remember episodes of Dr Who being filmed at Margate and a BBC "Play for Today". The play (sorry don't remember its title) showed the main seafront including the Kent Hotel which always had a sign showing Margate FC's forthcoming fixture. Margate v Bath, I seem to recall.

Due to the careful planning process at Thanet District Council the Kent Hotel (a wonderful Georgian building)now has pink plastic hoarding. Still, that's progress and regeneration Margate style for you.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Percival needs to get out more. He sounds like the kid he is.