Sunday, August 05, 2007

Walk on By

The hottest day of the year so far and too hot for one teenage couple, I spotted from my kayak, I think the operative word is 'shagging' between St Mildred's Bay and Westbay at 6pm this evening.

They were pressed-up against the cliff wall in one of the alcoves and as I paddled-by slowly below, lots of people, adults and children must have noticed but walked-on quickly.

This is something I've never seen before in public but in the space of a week, I've come across it twice in a space of half a mile. I wonder if I've discovered a new and disturbing local trend but I'll reserve judgement until it happens a third time!

Meanwhile, on the way out of Birchington to fly the 'superbikes' at Brands Hatch at lunchtime, a couple of motorists appeared to be having a punch-up at the same bus stop in the square that I wrote about yesterday. The traffic was backed-up behind them, all the way to Brooks End and beyond and I couldn't stop to find out what it was all about; the heat perhaps?

Other than all that, what a glorious summer's day. Pity I missed the carnival though. Does anyone have any photos they'd like to share?
Ed: Thanks to Jason for his photo and Youtube links to the Notting Hill Performers.
Here and Here.


Anonymous said...

It is very sad to witness the steady decline in morals from the younger generation. Did their parents teach them nothing ? I lived in Herne Bay for some years and the telephone box in our road was regularly used for copulating, mostly in the evenings. The neighbours and I took it in turns to stand next to the phone box and watch ! When they realised we were staring at them they soon cleared off. Another useful trick was to phone the call box and tell them we were photographing them !

Anonymous said...

It does seem to be a case with some young people that 'I'll do what I want, when I want' and basic rules in society are ignored. But, hey, is this a new phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and the links, Simon.

I'll stay off the open-air attempts at procreation, but just paste in one of the comments on Youtube. I've no exact idea what all of it it means, but I think the person concerned enjoyed his visit!;

"Hey I Was In The South Connection Mas Band... Im Da One In Da GOld 1/4 Lengths... Dat Stop and Whining Down at 22secs. LOOL! So Dont Forget Us South Connections... Watch Out For Us! Hope U Enjoyed Our Show It Was WICKED FOR US WE ENJOYED IT! NICE HOT DAY LOVELY CROWD! I LOVED INTERACTING WID Y'ALL.!!!!
WAtch Out For US Next Year!!!!"

I am sure the show was very good. I am afraid I gave up to the heat and was kayaking around West Bay at the time.

Cllr Ewen Cameron

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Nothing different to what went on in that ride called the Sphinx at Dreamland and at Palm Bay in the sixties - allegedly!

James Maskell said...

Dogging, as this is known as, is well known in a lot of parks. It was in the papers last year with groups of people getting together for these 'events'.

Anonymous said...

You've just been lucky for want of a better word. Outdoor sex has always happened and always will. As for the person at 9:11 pm that just made me laugh '....I took it in turns to stand next to the phone box and watch' You should have got out more HAHAHAHA

sue said...

Victoria Park and Vauxhall Gardens were notorious in the 18th and 19th cent. Bonking going on all over the place in front of God and everybody! No change really.