Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Up in Smoke

I'm saddened by one our reader's emails this afternoon.

Sue, from Dane Valley, has sent in photos to show that the arsonist has struck 'again' at the Dane Valley allotments and Alf's new, replacement shed, has gone up in flames!

At a meeting yesterday, it occurred to me that we're fighting a low intensity war against vandalism, not just in Thanet, I should add. On a local basis it's costing us a fortune and there's no end to it and very little confidence on the part of the community, with good reason, that we can do anything really effective to prevent it.

Simply looking at Westgate, there's a growing catalogue of damage, from graffiti to criminal damage that needs putting right and its placing an enormous strain on funds and resources. The answer has to come from central government and it has to be a decisive and a firm one before the problems runs completely out of our control. Without tough sanctions and a zero-tolerance approach to the epidemic of vandalism that we witness on a daily basis, the future doesn't look very attractive for any item of free-standing public or personal property which isn't wrapped in flame-proof Kevlar!


Anonymous said...

Am i right in saying this is the THIRD attack on the same allotment? What does this tell us about the priority of Kent Police? In the good old days, a Home Beat bobby would know most, if not all, of the young 'scroats' on his parish as I suspect Tony, our Westgate Warden does in Westgate and would have this matter sorted out a long time ago. Our 'modern' Kent Police are not on the streets; do not know the scroats and quite frankly have their own priorities like their slogan 'bringing communities together' would seem to imply. Of course the whole issue of enforcing the law in Thanet has been messed up because we now have KCC involved and even TDC has got a finger in the pie. Its time some-one had our local chief bobby in and gave him a 'rocket' by allowing innocent law-abiding citizens to have to live through THREE ARSON ATTACKS on there allotment. I am beginning to think the USA have got it right by employing a local sherrif who is accountable to the mayor. If Kent Police are clearly un-able to police Thanet effectively, then its time to have a rethink about who should; we might save ourselves a great deal of money for their over-inflated salaries and wonderful pension and early retirement costs that come out of our Council Tax.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Mayor's Militia! What a brill idea... the only ones not impressed will be yer KCC Police Chief's, and the Vandals, but hey, who cares ?

Anonymous said...

Last night as I drove into my drive I spotted 2 hoodies going round the back of a neighbours house - which has already been burgled several times - I remebred seeing one of the new PCSO (or whatever they are called) sheltering fromt he rain in a doorway at the local parade of shops so I shot round there and informed him.
I went home and waited over an hour for someone to turn up to check out the neigbours house but, of course, no one came.
Don't know what happened to the hoodies but I know I wasn't going to tackle them, not from fear of them but from fear of the police if I had to defend myself and the police thought I had gone too far.
Its a sad, lawless world, especially in the Cliftonville West ghetto.

Anonymous said...

I regret this problem will not be resolved until we return to the old values when children get the right foundations of discipline and suitable punishment in both homes and schools.
If a child continually does wrong give him or her a good sharp lesson, a smack never did any harm at home and the shame of the cane at school, or of detention, soon sorted out the problem child. Teach our young, respect of their elders, good manners, how to grow up with regard for others, to become responsible adults.
On the subject of policing the allotments, where are the police? There are simply not enough to go round, we, the honest residents of Thanet want to see them, police on the beat, on street corners, talking to the residents, not community support officers, what ever their age, who seem to be the political solution. Only recently I learned if a lane or road did not have a pavement the PCSO, could not patrol it after dark, another great political move “Health and Safety”, what ever happened to common sense, and of course good manners.
It would be interesting if someone were to ask to what extent health and safety applied to the PCSO’s and the regular police force, a question that could encourage good debate, or sadly encourage more crime.

sue said...

In the three attacks on Alf and his neighbours allotment (her shed was destroyed too), the police have not ONCE visited the site in the presence of the victims. Whether they have been up there otherwise I don't know. After the first attack, the police contacted Alf about 3 weeks afterwards!
The council have also done nothing. They promised to clear the site of undergrowth which has been allowed to grow over the years
to make it easier to spot potential vandals. They have not done this. They received a first installment of £1.5 million from the sale of Manston Road Allotments. Planning permission was given for the development there on the condition that proceeds from the sale were used to improve facilities and security at the remaining sites. They have pledged ONE FIFTH of this (£300,000) to the remaining sites but have done.......nothing!

Anonymous said...

WELL ....

The power to appoint to the Office of Constable is a PARISH ELECTION power on loan to government.

Any parish can re-assert its power. Parish elections then determine who swears into the Office of Constable.

A Constabulary is a collective of Constables. Police Forces are merely tax funded Constabularies.

If a Parish wishes to elect its own constables (and notify the Chief constable that he can only recruit persons to his force from that parish who have been voted into office in that parish)then it should do so.

Also if a Parish wishes to make it custom and practice to carry firearms (or swords etc) then it is a Common Law right of protestant males along with the obligation to maintain the Queens Peace.

In short you can elect an armed Parish Constabulary if you like.

A Constable has a power to arrest to prevent a breach of the peace and to release when the threat to peace is over. Hence arrests of known Scroats as soon as they leave their homes. The threat to peace might end, for example, when the prisoner is released headfirst into a pond, or placed into the Parish approved stocks.

Cat o nine tails ... why not.

Just as we banned off duty Kent Police from Neros disco when I worked the door there (troublesome persons) ... so Parish constables could arrest Kent coppers as soon as they put foot in the Parish (to be followed by a call to the Guiness Book of Records to notify that a Kent copper put foot on the streets) to prevent a breach of the peace.

Bags I get to arrest Mike Fuller. (I already hold the Office of Constable) ...