Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thanet Sport - Vote Now!

Can I ask every reader if they can take a couple of minutes (and ask your friends, too) to vote for our "Thanet Sport 4 NRG project", which is in the last three in the national final of the National Lottery Awards. You have until Friday August 31st to vote, and winning would mean we will receive £2,000 to spend on young people in Thanet. The project is being featured in the final on BBC1 on Saturday 15th September, and it would be wonderful if we could pick up the prize locally.

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sue said...


Jeremy Jacobs said...

The proposed 5-a-sides at Hartsdown Park appear to be running into planning/archaeological difficulties. Once these are resolved, the facility there will be brilliant for local sport.

Throughout the country, new football stadia have improved the lot of not only the clubs involved but also the communities they represent. Thanet councillors and concerned residents ought to do a reccy of new grounds at Burton Albion, Hinckley United, Harlow, Grays Athletic and more locally at Dartford to see what can be achieved.

It is frustrating that Margate FC has to play it's football at a "half-built" temporary stadium whilst "regeneration" discussions are going on elsewhere.

I should like to point out that matches at Margate Football Club have for decades,(and yesterday's game against Chelmsford was no exception), been the single biggest regular spectator attraction.

Gaining £2000 for local children, although very welcome, would be less than a drop in the ocean of Thanet's needs.

Local politicians must realize that a successful Margate FC (and Ramsgate FC)is in their interest.

Anonymous said...

But Margate FC is not really local - in that most of the players come from far afield, London, Medway towns etc. Not like the old days when it was truly a local club with local players.
Bring back the old days and it would get more support instead of going from crisis to crisis under the guiding hand of Mr Piper.

James Maskell said...

On a related subject it was the Thanet Chess Congress this past weekend held at CCCU in Broadstairs. I couldnt make it. Does anyone know who won in the various sections?

Anonymous said...

re:8.15 am Anonymous...GROW UP!
Of course MARGATE is local,in that it dosen't matter WHO plays for the club,or WHERE they come from,they are representing the name of MARGATE FC. All this "local lads crap" really pisses me off. Margate,in the main the club have nearly always imported players(so to speak).
Are Chelsea,Liverpool,Man.Utd etc not accepted as local despite overseas additions? Of course they are. Again,GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.09

"Are Chelsea,Liverpool,Man.Utd etc not accepted as local despite overseas additions? "

Not to us they're not, hundreds of miles away.

You maybe are not Margate born if you don't care where the 'gate players come from.

In my day (the 60's) most of our players lived locally, some in club owned houses.

Michael Child said...

Well I think I voted the site leaves one rather uncertainly hanging in cyberspace having just spent 3 weeks trying to make Vista work, it is in my opinion the computing equivalent of Betamax in that it performs well but is not compatible with most other things, I am losing confidence in technology.

Anonymous said...

Local to their area you plum!! I too was watching the gate in the 60s & even in the 50s & I agree there might well have been more "local" lads then but times changed. Time you did cocker!

Anonymous said...

Born & bred in the town too!

Up the Ars' said...

I always think of dinosouars when someone says "In my day blah blah blah, leave back door open, blah blah, all the local on and so forth. How many of Arsenal's players are British? Margate FC therefore only reflects the trend for importing players, only on a lesser scale....blah bloody blah. Old people do me in.

Old Codger said...

Ignorant uncouth youngsters like you 6.45pm also do me in but on the whole I refrain from saying so; in your case I make an exception.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Looks like I've caused a bit of a stir here. Good!

"Bring back the old days and it would get more support instead of going from crisis to crisis under the guiding hand of Mr Piper".

Anonymous may have a point!!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Perhaps the fool who called Margate FC "not local" was referring to the clubs 4 year stint as Arsenal's nursery in the 30's. Most players came from a s far away as London then.

Anonymous said...

I fully support the promotion of sport but are people aware that that the proposed re-furbishment of the Hartsdown site swimming pool may entail the developement of part of the park to finance it.
Once parkland is deveoped where does it all stop?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I think you'll find that it's only the wasteland by Hartsdown Road that will be developed for the 5 a sides. (work starts on September 10th)