Saturday, August 11, 2007

Slow Reverse

I spent some time today over the top of the Ramsgate Week yacht races and to be honest, if I didn't know already what was happening, I wouldn't really have noticed, from above, that a significant sporting event was taking place. In contrast, Cowes, last week, was so packed with yachts across the Solent that it was like watching hundreds if not thousands of Ants, scurrying between the Isle of Wight and Southampton.

The Thanet beaches were certainly busy today and it looks as if we may get another 24 hours of sunshine before some very bad weather starts to come in our direction; another large depression forecast for early next week.

Another challenge today was to get a second aircraft over Goodison Park , requested by the Everton fans, for the game against Wigan. A last minute call prompted a quick change of plan as it was revealed that a special Madeleine McAnn moment was taking place just before kick-off and so before the match we trailed a `Say No to Kirkby' banner over the ground. Voting among fans on the issue of the club leaving Liverpool is taking place at the moment.

Yesterday, I spotted the horrendous trafffic jam on the M25, which had people trapped on the motorway for over ten hours. I felt desperately sorry for those trying to get to Gatwick for the start of their holidays, so near and yet so far, from my vantage point above Clackett services. It strikes me that simply getting from A to B along the motorway system these days is a game of Russian Roulette. You just know that your'e going to be stuck on the motoway one day and most likely when it's vital that you reach your destination on time. No wonder some people are choosing to stay in airport hotels the night before their flights, just to be sure of getting to the airport at all!

Every reason perhaps to encourage more passenger flights and destinations from Manston, just to avoid the challenge of the main London airports. I read last week that some passengers were having to wait as long as nine hours for their baggage to re-appear after arriving at Heathrow, thanks to new security checks!

One fine example of traffic madness could be seen yesterday, just on the exit from the St Nicholas roundabout heading towards Birchington. A driver in a 4WD Shogun, clearly not from these parts, had stopped about fifty yards in to the dual carriageway, having decided that he had taken the wrong exit. I then watched him reverse back towards the roundabout - I was coming the other way - into the on-coming traffic!

The fact that an accident didn't happen was only a matter of luck, as cars, swinging in at speed towards Birchinton, had to swerve to avoid the 4WD reversing back towards them.

Finally, I just spotted, on another weblog, that Thanet Life stands accused of being a Xenophobic, racist publication populated by a readership of morons and Neanderthals - pictured - . So nothing to worry about there then!


Lord Lucan said...

I found myself in a nightmare on Sat 14 July when two serious accidents on the M25 produced grid-lock. The problem was relayed to me from some-one in the jam (5hrs at that stage) and i was able to re-route from M11 to London Bridge (Blackwall Tunnel jammed tight) and down A2. Only an extra 3 1/2 hrs added to journey.

This situation keeps happening and it has become a national disgrace. My take is that it is not traffic congestion but the approach taken by the police that has changed in the past 10 years. The priority in other countries is to get the road open. In this country thousands sit in cars in sweltering weather whilst evidence is gathered! There is no excuse whatsoever for a major artery to be closed for 12 hours if your priority is to open the road ASAP. It is time that this situation was looked at closely by Government. Is it yet another instance of red-tape procedures and less effective policing producing the snarl up? All the nonsense that now surrounds a serious crash does nothing for the victims who are either dead or on their way to casualty. In the 70s crash teams from the local police force arrived, took photos, measured distances skids etc all in 30 mins and then vehicles were cleared and traffic got moving on one lane or two but at least it got moving.
We had a greater priority in clearing parked cars out of the way in Knockholt Road, Palm Bay because a bus could not get down the road this afternoon; a PCSO and 2 other police in cars for 1 bus!

Had a look at the logo on the side of one of the Police Cars: " KENT POLICE - bringing communities together".What utter claptrap this is and utterly risible! This perhaps explains why we have to sit in 12 mile jams because our Police dont know what their job is anymore. What I would love to see is "KENT POLICE - busting crime and relentlessly pursuing felons" not what appears to be a PC slogan for Social Workers!

Anonymous said...

Went across to Thanetonian to see what OVIT had to say; not very much other than much personal invective and bile. He fails to grasp the fact that promoting a different political viewpoint does not need animosity and scurrilous personal comments. I would recommend others to not bother to visit unless they have nothing better to do. Time to go and stick a finger in my ear and sing a ballad or two and sink an ale or few!

Anonymous said...

anon again!
In the land that invented the Autobahn (Motorway), they forbid the use of trucks and vans from 10:00 AM until 20:00 during the Summer School Holiday Months, AND from Friday 20:00 until Sunday 20:00. It was well tested, and found to be the only suitable solution to the horrific truck accidents. Germany is a vital connection Country where East meets West, so this was a difficult decision to have made, but they went ahead and did it, and it WORKS. A good idea for the UK to adopt? I think, YES....

Anonymous said...

I heard that a car or people carrier overturned at Brooks End yesterday. There is nothing about it on the BBC Kent web page though.