Thursday, August 02, 2007

SE News Tonight - Tomorrow

It's a little quiet here at present, on account of my running around all over the place with the day job. This last week we've had a beach and water safety banner to display between Dartmouth and Brighton on different days and while the weather and the views, at low level, along the shoreline have been fantastic, there's little time, enthusiasm or even energy left for this weblog at the end of the day.

A note for your diaries for tomorrow evening. BBC South-east News Tonight will be filming their report, live, from Margate beach, starting with an interview with council leader, Sandy Ezekiel at 6:30pm. The weather is a little uncertain for Friday anyway but let's hope for enough sunshine to present the town at its best on an August evening. I suppose it's a chance for anyone milling around the seafront at the time to express their opinions about the town and its future, as I can't see the BBC making all that effort without some form of quick 'Vox Pop' after speaking with the council leader.

Walking to the cashpoint in Westgate earlier, I encountered the kind of modern family that you would recognise from comedies such as 'Little Britain.'

Outside the station, the conversation went rather like this:

Teenager (brother?) to older teenager (father?) naked from the waist-up: "Aren't you going to get a ticket from the machine?"

"F** Off"

"If you don't buy a ticket you t****r, you'll get fined £20 if they catch you."

Mother (teenager) pushing pram with two infants:

"F** Off, why should we?

Ed: Inspiring isn't it? Where on earth do we begin as a society to solve the growing problem presented by this kind family unit example, depressingly familiar to all of us living in Thanet? What hope do the children of these two teenagers have? None at all by the look of it. It's not helped by the influence of the media either. Here's an excerpt from this week's Big Brother, a source of discussion on the radio today.

"Brian then told the pair that he had been asked by Big Brother if Shakespeare had any involvement in the production of 'Pig In the City'.A straight-faced Gerry replied: "No, I think Shakespeare was involved in 'Babe'. And he wrote 'Ghostbusters'. I think Sylvia Plath wrote 'Ghostbusters 2'.""'Ghostbusters' was based on a true story," added Liam."


Anonymous said...

And the Government expects schools to do something with children brought up like this?

R.ellender said...

WHY MARGATE no Dreamland and no Turner Center even though all signs into Thanet indicate that these places are still there.

Ramsgate has a Funfair in the old pleasurama site for 4 weeks NOT advertised anywhere come on Cllr Moores lets advertise all of Thanet not just your area as I'm sure we all must see your plane flying over all our area

Anonymous said...

Taking a chance with that cashpoint in Westgate. Been skimmed twice to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

How do you know peoples ages? Did you actually ask the aforementioned miscreants? And although they swore what was the final out come - did they actually buy a ticket? Reality and interpretation are often different.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

anonymous 11.21pm

I think we should rely on Simon's judgement.

DrMoores said...

What a daft question..? How did I know their ages? Let's say 17 - 20 +/- 1 year!!

I watched them go straight past the ticket machine on to the Margate-bound platform and then from the bridge, as I walked on, I saw them stop about half way down the same platform. Happy now?

DrMoores said...

In reply to R.Ellender, I have no idea why the BBC chose Margate. Perhaps it wasn't as far to drive as Ramsgate! Who knows!

I must have imagined sitting above the finish of the Tour De France with a banner telling people to visit Ramsgate last month!

Anonymous said...

We've got five million people of working age classed as "economically inactive" - 1.2 million under 24.

Many of them live in Thanet!

Anonymous said...

"We've got five million people of working age classed as "economically inactive" - 1.2 million under 24.

Many of them live in Thanet!"

That's socialism for you! When will we admit it doesn't work?

Anonymous said...

I agree re' Socialism 8:08. In this country a firm makes a decent profit and everyone wants a piece of it and/or slates the company because they've worked hard to meet targets, the Government also comes in and invents a tax or finds away to direct the money to the poor (some of whom should either have listened at school or should get a job). In the US they'd applaud the very same company. Thats why this country is full of whinging losers.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Margate isn't so bad. In Scotland 56% of the population work for the Government. Only 165000 out of a population of 5.5 million make a net contribution to the Scottish economy.

Richard Card said...

Pots and Kettles ??

Heard at the Winter Gardens (in an address to a school speech day)

"I failed all my exams at school so had to become a police cadet" ??

A Thanet Police officer convicted of conspiracy to pervert justice (falsifying records to cover up the breaking of a handcuffed prisoners neck) ... the commanding officer (he who apparently announmced that he had failed all his exams) commends the convicted officer to the people of Thanet as "An officer who will now go from strength to strength" ... and makes the criminal officer Thanet Schools Liaison Officer.

Role models ? ?

Surely there is a principle of law that an oath divided is an oath unsworn ? The Oath of the Constable binds the officer to act without fear or favour malice or ill will". Once convicted he must surely have lost the Office of Constable (His Common Law office under the Queen) ...

But he continues in service.

Pots and kettles.

Magna Carta binds the monarch to appoint as constables only men minded to keep the law well. Conspiring to pervert justice whilst so sworn is a criminal affront to the Queen (Regina V Bembridge 1783 in which the Judge stated that such must be the case is essential to the existence of the realm).

Seems to me like he must have failed all his "police and the nation" exams as well ???

As Bill True (complainant against Kent Police in Thanet) said "Top of a pile of crap is still crap".

But if the top is crap the bottom has no chance.