Friday, August 31, 2007

Satisfaction Up in Thanet

Good news for Thanet District Council, from the eGov Monitor which reports that TDC has seen one of the highest increases in overall customer satisfaction levels in the whole of the country.

A series of 'Best Value' surveys are carried out across the country once every three years by an independent agency, with residents asked to give their views on issues such as general satisfaction with council services, waste and recycling, street cleaning and leisure facilities. The results are then compared by central government with other councils across the country.

The percentage of people questioned who were satisfied with the Council overall increased from 41% in 2003/04 to 53% in 2006/07. The council’s improvement of 12% over the last three years puts it amongst the top five improving districts and boroughs in England and has helped to move the Council a massive 177 places up the league table of overall satisfaction for all local authorities in England.

The Council also saw significant improvements in satisfaction levels for street cleanliness, which rose 13% from 51% in 2003/04 to 64% in 2006/07, one of the biggest improvements in Kent. Satisfaction levels with the waste collection service also rose by 4% from 77% to 81%, one of only four improvements in the whole of Kent.

Thanet scored less highly when it came to satisfaction with cultural services and satisfaction with the Council’s complaints handling also fell slightly by 6% to 32%.

Cllr. Martin Wise, Cabinet Member for Finance, Improvement and Customer Service, said: “Thanet is committed to improving its performance and the service that we offer to our customers. That’s at the core of our agenda to become a more modern council and these results show that the work we have been putting in over the last three years have already paid great dividends. To be amongst the top few councils in the country in terms of the 12% improvement we have made in overall customer satisfaction is really impressive and is testament to all the hard work of our dedicated staff.

“Over the last couple of years, we have specifically concentrated our attention on what matters most to local people and that’s keeping our streets clean and delivering an improved waste and recycling collection. The results show that residents have appreciated that focus and are indeed more satisfied with both services now that they have returned back under direct council control. We know that there is more to do and we will continue to further improve both of these services for local people.”

He added: “The Best Value survey results also highlight the areas where we need to improve our services and we are already working on ensuring our performance in these areas is better in the future. We can improve satisfaction with our sport and leisure facilities with our work on new swimming pool provision for Thanet, while a number of improvements are already planned for Dane Park, to allow us to achieve Green Flag status for it. We have already shown our commitment to improving theatre in Thanet with the purchase of the Theatre Royal Margate, using money from the Safer Stronger Communities Fund and the additional funding to take the programme of activity there forward to a wider audience.”

Ed: I'm sure there are lots of readers who would like to start the thread rolling on this topic!! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

anon again!
Sorry Doc, but...
I've never read such a load of absolute HYPOCRITICAL 'cod'swallop in all my life..... you can lie to others.... but you should NEVER lie to yourself...

DrMoores said...

To be honest though and as a council tax payer like you, I can see visible improvements in a number of key areas and while one can't describe 4% in one example as dramatic, we are starting to see the results of a numbe rof changes designed to improve teh overall quality of local service. This isn't a propoganda exercise and a huge amount still has to be achieved but empirically, things are improving in steps!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I suspect that my idea of "quality of service" is somewhat different to that you describe.

Hartsdown Park tomorrow Simon?

Jeremy Jacobs said...


good points

Anonymous said...

Ok, what have the Romans (TDC)ever done for us? Well, yep we've got tidier streets and a good rubbish collection system and we do have hanging baskets, albeit that some are the plastic type recycled from last year. But on the subject of Theatre Royal....? the Gazunder promotes the Theatre as "ready for srarring role in Town"; it already was until TDC grabbed it under very dubious pretences by withdrawing funding in order to force the trustees who saved it in the 90s to have to pack up.So Will Wollen, the new 'artistic director ( another new TDC employee?) is promoting his OWN Play 'The Odyssey' and giving work TO HIS OLD COMPANY (Watermill Theatre) to come to Margate? The humbug and nepotism at what is now Council Tax payers money being spent quite frankly leaves a bad smell hanging in the air.
let me now move onto policing; a taxi has just taken me along marine Terrace where the parking on double yellow lines is in full swing with 2 cars actually parked on the zig-zags by pedestrian crossings; WHO is allowing this complete and utter disregard of the law here? Is it Kent Police with Fort Hill Police Station literally 300 yards away or TDC who advertised today for a Community Safety Officer at a salary of £41,000 to £49,000 i.e a salary that is 3 times the average Thanet wage? Apparently the successful candidate will have "good analytical skills using police and other intelligence data to understand patterns and trends in crime and anti-social behaviour" In other words we are looking to employ an EX-COPPER ( Supt rank?) who already has a generous 6oths pension provided by Council Tax payers as part of their KCC/Police precept to now involve TDC in policing matters? He or she will get "generous annual leave; flexible working; negotiated hours, entry into a medical health scheme; FREE car parking or subsidised bus pass as WELL AS ACCESS TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINALLY SALARY PENSION SCHEME? So lets be clear about this TDC council tax payers, our Council is getting involved in an area that is the responsibility(but clearly now abrogated) of Kent Police by clearly advertising for an ex -policeman of rank in receipt of a generous pension to then pay him a fat generous salary that will be further pensionable at the rate of 1/60th per year in post of upto £50,000? Nice work if you can get it? Am I pleased with this as a council Tax payer ; no!

Anonymous said...

Are you the bloke who somehow digresses every topic to the state and supposed conspiracies of the Kent Police as I've seen on this blog and another local forum or another of the same ilk?

Anonymous said...

Of course we all know there are lies, damned lies and then statistics.
TDC may have improved its rubbish collection but it still has a long way to go.
Any town where 47% of residents are unhappy with the council is not a good place to live.
One statistic you don't mention is that complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman about TDC are up by half in the last year.
Although its not TDC responsibility policing in Thanet is a bad joke, and something needs to be done about it.
A lot needs doing about a lot of things in Thanet, the ordinary citizen doesn't stand a chance, nor does any Councillor unless he is a Sandy crony, and even then the council officers are no faster than a slug with a crutch.

DrMoores said...

Nice idea Jeremy but Great Yarmouth beckons.. I have to work most Saturdays!

Anonymous said...

I was in the Territorial Army in the 80s with irritating bloke who digresses threads to Kent Police issues.

He seemed to be a bit of a poor shot until there was a competition with a cup ...

He seemed to be a bit absent minded until there was a competition for speed into position and fire. He won that as well.

He seemed absent minded until there was an exam on call signs and radio procedure which he did in the shortest time and was still the only person to get 100%.

He seemed to be a bit clumsy at military aikido but someone found out that he is a black belt who occasionally instructed it at another military base.

He moved out of Thanet for a while and we were watching the news one day about Mrs Thatcher visiting offices in Cardiff. There in the background with maintenance overalls on was ? Irritating man.

He is a p-ss taking bastard whose stock in trade is to get people to look down on him and underestimate him.

He is some sort of spook ? As far as we could find out he was not SAS when he was in Regular Army but he may have been in a special unit of technical NCOs who received SAS training.

On Operation Brave Defender in 1985 we saw a General call this private to one side and question him about the technical sabotage threat posed by the Soviet Spetznaz force our units were raised to oppose.

He don't fool us ... We chanced in the 80s to look in his wallet and see a pass to the Ministry of Defence.

There was a question mark on his vetting for TA in 1985 about a fraud by IRA he investigated in Thanet in the 70s. He had been accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act about poor care standards in Thanet care homes. This adverse report on the vetting was over ruled by General Commanding South East.

We have known him since the 80s and no senior police officer who crosses him has ever come off best. They all suddenly leave the force.

14 Platoon Old Boys Assn

Anonymous said...

1:08 pm, What does he know about generators.

Anonymous said...

What DOESN'T he know about generators!

Anonymous said...

No, 11.35pm, I(11.25pm) am not he! I thought the thread was about satisfaction with TDC and on the issues of Theatre Royal and TDC involving itself in 'policing', I am dissatisfied. I am concerned that the level of effective policing in Thanet has declined in the past 10 years and all the Community Wardens (KCC), TDC initiatives, PCSOs(Kent Police) and now a Community Safety Officer(TDC) will not solve the basic problem of effective control of our streets by THE POLICE! The 'fudging' of boundaries and responsibilities is a malaise of modern Britain and whilst consuming financial resources doesn't actually improve efficiency. In fact the involvement of too many fingers in the pie makes it inefficient and bogged down in liaison, passage of information, multi-layered meetings ad nauseam and masses of bumpf! Ask Sue if Kent Police know who has burned her allotment shed down 3 times in the past 5 months and can they do something to stop it happening again? Or should she ask KCC Community Wardens or should she ask TDC's Community Safety Officer?
As a Thanet local, I want a local Thanet Police Station that responds to my needs with effective locally based constables embedded into our Community who know their parishes and who know 'on sight' our anti-social and criminal element of all ages. I am fed up with a civilian based in Maidstone, asking me where Birchington is when I report a crime in progress; for me that sums up the position we have now reached! I would rather have TDC and KCC giving Council Tax payers money to Kent Police to recruit and employ POLICE OFFICERS for specific employment in Thanet than a whole army of paper-pushers, Community Wardens and PCSOs.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that the Community Safety Manager's job is not given to an ex copper!!!! Why don't you apply for the job?

Anonymous said...

Never was thin blue vein and job spec is clearly for ex-copper! Look out for TDC announcing the happy successful candidate and look at his background.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to say too much here (libel laws etc) but when I complained to a former TDC holder of this job about the crime and vandalism in my area instead of doing something positive about it he told me it was my fault for moving there and what did I expect!

No wonder my opinion of TDC senior officers is somewhat lower than the shadow of a snakes sh*t. (which actually translates from the original Afrikaans, my native language, into English quite well, most don't)

Anonymous said...

The previous incumbent was not a TDC employee as he makes clear here: