Friday, August 17, 2007

Play by the Rules

I'm a little pre-occupied with work this week. The photo is Southend Pier this morning, and somewhere on there is the couple that are planning to get married, I had to pop the question to a girl named "Helen" and tomorrow, it's the Turn of Alex of Essex, although she doesn't know about it yet!

Being busy, I'm remiss in not monitoring all the comments. To be more accurate, the filter on my Blackberry is causing me to miss quite alot and I've just taken down one thread, which is sailing very close to being libellous. Thanks to one reader who pointed it out to me in a separate email.

As ever, you should all know the rules here. I know these are rather different to many other sites but I prefer to maintain my own standards, however old fashioned. If you see something that you believe is offensive, please let me know by email and I will look at it as quickly as possible.

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