Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Overnight Visit

It took some considerable effort and pestering to have the public toilets in St Mildred's Bay re-painted in June. Yesterday morning, they were covered in graffiti and this morning, it looks as if the vandals had a return visit overnight. The adjacent beach huts now carry a similar line of 'tags'. It's a depressing sight.

One lady, walking her dog, told me that the shelter opposite Barnes avenue in Westbrook has been badly damaged too. She commented that one night recently, she could hear the noise from her home and called the police. Around ten youths were involved. A single police officer, she said, turned-up, had a word and left. The noise stopped for a while and then, a little later, resumed. By morning, the shelter was completely wrecked, she said.

Westbrook is outside my ward but the car park, the Sunken Gardens and the clifftop shelter are known problem areas and difficult to police at night. As a result, they act as a magnet for the anti-social elements that blight our community. It's not uncommon to see groups of teenagers making their way from as far afield as the Garlinge area, across the railway line at Bridge road and then along towards Barnes avenue as dusk falls.

I've no idea what the solution is or even if one exists. Possibly not!


Anonymous said...

The solution is to have more youth facilities in the area so they don't hang about getting drunk or off it on something else.

Kent spends less on youth facilities than almost any other Local Authority. This is how it pays off.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

The solution is also better parenting, better education and stiffer penalties for misdemeanours

Anonymous said...

OK having not had internet access for a while I have been reading through the last 2 weeks and have noticed that there is the usual vitriol about young people, some sweeping and non-sensical comments about parentel ages (any imbecile can work out that a teenager cannot have a teenager as a parent). However, there are none about:

1. The very, very dangerous antics of old people in Birchington who have yet to cotton on to the fact that pedestrian crossings have a purpose and that if a car hits them it will hurt, therefore, wandering into the road without looking etc is DANGEROUS and extremely selfish!

2. The even worse driving of said old people who should have their licenses revoked.

I know the above because I have been driving through Birchington at least twice a day taking my children to the other noticeably missing piece of information in the area:

The Scripture Union Holiday Club to which over 600 children and young people flock to every year.

It has run from Monday 30th July to this Friday. So far you have missed holiday clubs every morning of the week PLUS team games in the Dip, including a fantastic water fight facilitated by the Fire Brigade and a magnificent sand modelling competition today, PLUS parties on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you can actually be bothered to look for positive behaviour I am sure your presence would be welcomed. Tomorrow there are sessions on Social Action and on Friday night there is a Grand Finale.

But hey - why print good news about young people when there is scurrilous nonsense to put up instead!

Anonymous said...

The Thanet Times has an item on Ursuline pupils helping out The Lake District national Park during an activity week but these are young people in a positive environment given good support from family and school. They are fortunate as are the young people supported by the Scripture Union. The problem is how to engage that minority who are not supported at home; who have been excluded from school and have lost their way. Do we reach out enough to them and engage them?