Saturday, August 18, 2007

Out of Circulation

Still out of circulation, which is why this blog is a little quiet of late. The peak of the flying season I'm afraid!

A tough day today, everywhere between Elland Road and Hylands Park for the V-Festival, Pictured. You can find the other photos I took in the photo library here.

Hylands Park, just outside Chelmsford was so thick with people attending the V-festival that you could have worked across the top of them without touching the ground.

Very high winds made all the flight more challenging than usual, gusting 37 knots across the runway, when we dropped the banner back at Rochester; it was too windy to drop it where we started from in Essex.

Awful video, I'm afraid, it runs out of focus when I try to use the zoom feature from the aircraft!


stuart said...

The festival was excellent this year, although the rain caused some problems.

But I assume Simon flew over this years festival, not next years?

Anonymous said...

A friend is over at Reading in prep for weekend and says that main campsite is waterlogged from last months rain and flood and further rain will create a morass. car Park has been brought into use as campsite with cars being parked 2 miles away. If you are going take wellies as you will need them from the start by the sound of it!

DrMoores said...

Thanks for that as I have to fly over both the Reading and Leeds festivals this week!