Thursday, August 23, 2007

Maths Prodigy

It appears that the young son of the Mayor of Broadstairs is a bit of a maths prodigy!

Eleven-year-old Daniel Savage, from St Peter's has been awarded an A grade in maths and a C in statistics.

For the past two years Daniel, the son of Conservative councillor and Mayor, Jason Savage, has been studying alongside 15 and 16-year-olds at Dane Court.

When he starts officially at the school next year he will begin a maths A level.

Well done Daniel, your Dad must be very proud!


Anonymous said...

Its probably envy at precocious talent but I have always felt a little wary of those pushed on in early years! Good for the lad and lets hope he doesn't burn out by 17.

Doctor Doom said...

You're right to exercise caution, 9.44 - there have been a good many high-publicity instances in the past of young children being put into higher education, and even university, at ridiculous ages, and suffering as a consequence - but by the sound of it this young man is in capable hands at Dane Court.

As a private tutor I've taken many primary-school-aged children through GCSEs and see no problem in principle with stretching the ample abilities of children this age and much younger.

If Daniel has been allowed to discover the sheer pleasure of real maths and is taking the exams in his stride then good luck to him. It's only when undue pressure is applied and young chldren are forced to try learn a subject for which they are ill-prepared, against their wishes and in a hostile environment, that problems arise.

I'm sure Dane Court will take every measure necesary to ensure both Daniel and his 16-18 year old co-workers at A-Level comfortable with one another, and that his other GCSE studies are not allowed to suffer for the sake of the AS and A2 maths exams.