Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Holiday Club News

An interesting comment from an earlier post which is worth it's own entry. I should add, in mitigation, that I write about what I see and I recognise that the great majority of young people aren't involved in the destructive antics we see around us. I am a parent after all.

If I don't know that's something positive is happening, it's rather difficult for me to write about it, which is why I welcome stories from readers like Amy and others, so please feel free to contribute!"

The author writes: "Having not had internet access for a while I have been reading through the last two weeks and have noticed that there is the usual vitriol about young people, some sweeping nonsense comments about parental ages (any imbecile can work out that a teenager cannot have a teenager as a parent). However, there are none about:

1. The very, very dangerous antics of old people in Birchington who have yet to cotton on to the fact that pedestrian crossings have a purpose and that if a car hits them it will hurt, therefore, wandering into the road without looking etc is dangerous and extremely selfish!

2. The even worse driving of said old people who should have their licenses revoked.

I know the above because I have been driving through Birchington at least twice a day taking my children to the other noticeably missing piece of information in the area:

The Scripture Union Holiday Club to which over 600 children and young people flock to every year.

It has run from Monday 30th July to this Friday. So far you have missed holiday clubs every morning of the week plus team games in the Dip, including a fantastic water fight facilitated by the Fire Brigade and a magnificent sand modelling competition today, plus parties on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you can actually be bothered to look for positive behaviour I am sure your presence would be welcomed. Tomorrow there are sessions on Social Action and on Friday night there is a Grand Finale.

But hey - why print good news about young people when there is scurrilous nonsense to put up instead!"


Doctor Doom said...

Wonderful! There's hope for you yet, Simon!

For every sad little hooligan causing chaos on the island there are hundreds of young people who are a credit to their parents, their schools and their society, but who are consistently over-looked or lumped together with the damnable few.

What chance Thanet Life changing the habits of recent months and ACTIVELY linking up with and promoting the many heart-warming stories of Thanet youth making the most of the limited options they have, instead of providing a platform through the comment threads for the usual rants that condemn all our young residents as "scum" and "filth" because a tiny minority have done something wrong?

Even better, what chance TDC actually making links and building bridges with the youth community by linking up with schools and youth organisations?

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you!!

Although Scripture Union has been running in Minnis Bay for 100 years in various forms (the couple that ran it for a 10 year period 18 years ago judged the sand modellng competition today) therefore, I am surprised you know nothing about it!

AND as an extra Lark in the Park starts next Wednesday in Ramsgate, more free entertainment for young people and their parents!

Are you going to visit and give your opinion of both events?

Anonymous said...

sorry can you delete one of those repeat posts? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

7:31 PM.
Pedestrians in Birchington are sometimes old, sometimes foreign. It was always the 'duty' of a good driver, to watch out for children and the old. Foreigners sometimes forget that traffic approaches from the other direction, and step off the curb after incorrectly supposing that our vehicles drive on their side of the road.

With respect to the Scripture Union, this is a splendid organisation that works so succesfully with the young and youth. Perhaps you should invite some of the local 'scum' and 'filth' to some of your beach held meetings. Where their parents and the Law have failed... your organisation might win them over, and teach them to behave more like 'humans'.

Anyone know what the vandals did to the train in Sturry Station on Wednesday?. Rather a lot of damage according to S.E. reports.

DrMoores said...

I would really like to visit but I'm very time poor at present and spend most of my time, particularly at weekends, in the air.

I would however appreciate good news to run alongside the bad stuff. Sadly, it's the depressing items, like the graffiti at Westgate this morning or the destructionof the Dumpton Park beach huts that people see first!

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed to see the infirmity amd absentmindedness of the elderly somehow linked to the deliberate anti-social behaviour of a minority but growing minority of our youth. Perhaps we can have signs put up by KCC warning drivers of a high preponderance of elderly people (that triangle with a couple bent over and the man with his walking stick).
In the 20 years I have lived in Cliftonville I have been appalled at the number of deaths and serious injury to elderly people on Northdown Road and the junctions of roads joining it. The description in the Gazunder always reads " an elderly person was in collision with a car". One serious accident I witnessed was a driver turning left off Northdown Road who clearly did not understand the Highway Code in regard to pedestrians having right of way at such a junction when crossing the road. The elderly gentleman unable to walk quickly enough found himself with a broken hip and head injuries courtesy of a careless driver with no toleration of the elderly. The remaining scandal in our society today is our contempt for and neglect of the elderly. Sadly dementia, arthritis and hip replacements await most of us if we live long enough. So for goodness sake do not put the elderly in the same category as our Thanet scroats.

Anonymous said...

If our young people behave badly, we have only ourselves to blame. We live in a money grabbing, selfish, indulgent,greedy society.
ALL of us.
If we expect our young people to behave well, we must lead by example. We all know this is not happening.

Anonymous said...

OK, todays experience. An elderly woman driver, completely unaware of traffic around her stopped to have a chat with friends, she then stopped at a pedestrian crossing showing a GREEN light to traffic to allow a bunch of other elderly people to cross. Once these had gone across over she drove when the light was AMBER!!!

Now had that been a young driver you lot would have been up in arms about the anti-social behaviour of young people on the roads!!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous - there seems to be a lot of anon posts saying very similar things, therefore, I am assuming they are all from the one person. It also sounds as if you are a youth worker of sorts, therefore, perhaps instead of asking the questions you should be putting foward solutions? I do not work for Scripture Union. I just take advantage of the absolutely fantastic holiday clubs that my children can attend for free.

Anonymous said...

5.37 what is your hurry that a courteous elderly driver seems to upset you so much?. Don't worry about what others are up to, just get on and drive carefully yourself. I am concerned that you clearly have a prejudice against the elderly on our roads. Could i remind you that in Thanet the plus 55s are a MAJORITY of residents and most of us resent your sort of attitude.

Anonymous said...

Courteous to whom? Certainly not to other road users who were trying to get to a venue to collect their children. Certainly not to other road users who were going to the medical centre. My problems arise when the elderly drivers that I have witnessed over the last two weeks are consistently putting other road users lives at risk, including young children.

If the lady in question wished to chat with her friends she should have pulled over in a safe manner, and what happens next time the elderly people she allowed to cross decide to cross a pedestrian crossing when the man is clearly red? What if a child had been waiting correctly for the green man and been run over by her incorrect use of the crossing?

Although I accept that there are pockets of elderly residents in Thanet I am almost certain that you are not in the majority. If so why is there so much carping about youth???? I thoroughly resent the kind of vitriol that comes out of the older residents about Thanet youth, especially as most do nothing to assist, so there you go - even stevens!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear 5.37pm! There is carping about 'yuff' because the majority in Thanet are 50+! Most vitriol from most contributors is directed against the small minority of young people who are clearly out of control!: burnt allottment huts in DaneValley to smashed beach huts and mindless graffitti and violence. Its not a question of 'even stevens' as you put it. The weaknesses and infirmities of the elderly need to be understood and allowances made for them; mindless anti-social conduct by the minority of scroats should not be tolerated!