Wednesday, August 08, 2007

'Have a Go' Hero

Regular reader, Amy writes:

"I noticed the Thanet Times leading with a have a go hero today but no mention of some heroics last Friday evening in Godwin Road and Northdown Road in Cliftonville.

My sister was sitting outside a kebab shop at about 7.00pm when she saw a young man in his twenties in serious altercation with an older guy in his fifties. My sister's initial reaction was that she was witnessing a mugging when she saw the younger man leap on the older one who was forced to release something that when flying across the main road.

A passing motorist stopped and shouted at the young man who by now had the older one pinned on the ground and a knee in his back. The young man shouted that the man had had a knife and had been running up Godwin Road shouting he was going to kill some-one in the One-Stop shop.

Whilst restraining the now unarmed knife wielder the young fellow rang the police on his mobile for assistance; police arrived quickly in three cars and ended up arresting the older man who put up quite a struggle. the younger man was then heard explaining to the police that as he was walking down Godwin Road, the other fellow brandishing a knife ran past him shouting he was going to kill some-one in 'One-stop' and he felt he had to intervene and make his first citizens arrest! My sister was then interviewed by the police as they suddenly noticed her sitting frozen to the seat in her car! A 12" kitchen knife was recovered from the middle of Northdown Road where it had landed. Quite a hero, that young man and yet no mention anywhere?"

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