Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Entente Cordiale

It's reported today that around 5,000 poor French families who cannot afford holidays are to be taken to Margate on August 22nd.

They're being brought over by Secours Populaires Francais, a charity which campaigns to provide holidays for poorer and deprived families.

The group estimates that about one in three French children don't get a holiday. Since the charity was set up in 1945, nearly 50,000 youngsters have been given days out and holidays.

Each year, they travel to a different destination.

The Margate trip has been coordinated with Thanet District Council and Kent County Council.

Cllr Roger Latchford, Thanet council's cabinet member for culture and economy, said: "We welcome all visitors to our town and it's great that Margate has been chosen as a holiday destination for these families and I hope that they have a wonderful day."

Jean-Louis Callens, general secretary of the Federation of the North, said: "This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

"We've decided to add a European dimension in this day, which we dedicate to people who have been unable to enjoy holidays.

"It will take place in Margate and the invited families will have the opportunity to visit their European neighbours. They'll also have the chance to take the boat and Eurotunnel, probably for the first time


Mr Friday said...


After a trip to Margate I bet they won't be in a great rush to go away again next year.

Mind you they could always relax and enjoy the ambience of the "cafe culture" down the seafront and take the time to visit Dreamland and the Turner Centre.

Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Good for the French and hopefully some fine weather in Margate that day will help them enjoy the beach. Sadly a day with the weather like it is outside at the moment will prove a major disappointment. I will now practise my 'Parly vou' as I am sure to bump into some of them.I trust our Councillors will also be doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Bien sur, Msr. Anon.

Ma connaissance de la belle langue Francaise, n'est pas dur, mais j'espere, et toujours avec hope(now there's an easy French word!)

Let's just hope they return home happy, and impressed. If not with my pidgin French....

Cllr Ewen Cameron
(Avez-vous un cuppa?)

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Vive le France! Hope the cretins who enjoy beating up Foreigners do not read these press releases, they'll be having a field day! Perhaps a few extra Law boys could be made available for August 22nd!
(just in case)

Anonymous said...

I am struggling to see any reason whatsoever as to why Margate should be the destination... It is literally an embarrassment to the people of Thanet and the rest of England.

Anonymous said...

Well lets hope they have a great day and use our fabulous beaches make sandcastles join in with sea art and have a traditional holiday by this fabulous coast.I have been taking my grandchildren to the beach and last week they took part in a painting session run by local artists and turner contemporary and they said it was the best day yet.we have a lot to offer some people prefer not to see...

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, interesting to read about that in The Gazunder. So, not only do we have a Director; a Curator but also an Audience Development Assistant called Esther Collins, all employed and working at Turner Contemporary.

Forgive me for wondering how I can get in on this updated Margate version of the Emperor's New Clothes scam. A Director, that has Directed since 2002,a gallery THAT DOES NOT EXIST; a Curator looking after, since Jan 2007, a collection THAT DOES NOT EXIST and now an Audience Development Assistant for an audience THAT DOES NOT EXIST!

How many people and what jobs are they doing and what's the wage bill for all those who now are on the pay-roll at Turner Contemporary, that hopefully, might be built by end of 2010?

As I am available, could I offer my services immediately to be any of the following and I will start work tomorrow: the car-park attendant; the security man; a cleaner; a gallery attendant; restaurant manager; information desk assistant; you name it I can do it! What I would really like to be paid for is 'artist in residence'. I've read the good Doc writing about made-up 'Guardian jobs' to reduce un-employment and why shouldn't we have our own work force in Thanet at a proposed Centre, no Contemporary...? It really doesn't matter what we call it because IT DOESN'T EXIST!

DrMoores said...

I know it's surprising but there is actually a gallery over there, it may not be the TC yet but we have regular art exhibitions. I keep geting the invitations.

I'm thinking of applying for the audience development assistant role myself!!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"Jean-Louis Callens, general secretary of the Federation of the North, said: "This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

"We've decided to add a European dimension in this day, which we dedicate to people who have been unable to enjoy holidays".

Perhaps they would enjoy Brussels more!

Anonymous said...

Turner contemporary does have exibitions mainly at Droit House on the pier.I have been visiting for four years now and have seen some fantastic shows.Like the other blogger i took my children to the beach and had a great afternoon and the children were amused for hours and took the paintings they had made home.the local artists and their children have a fabulous exibition on T Droit House at the momemt-well worth a visit and it's free..

Tony Beachcomber said...

Don't forget the Margate Museum they are used to handling large numbers, also a word in the right ear could open the Tudor house for the day.