Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another Birchington Bank Job?

Hot news from one of our readers, a reputable source, in Birchington, who writes:

"Just witnessed two men trying to do something to the cashpoint machine at Lloyds Bank in Birchington, I have phoned the police.

They then took a length of metal out of the cashpoint, looked like aluminium about 18 inches long. One put it inside his jacket and they hurried away.

One went to the smugglers car park, the other disappeared into Walnut Tree Close and came out in a silver car and drove off towards Margate. I didn't see where the other one went.

I called the local police and they have the registration number.

At the bank, they said that the men had made such a lot of noise that they felt alarmed enough to remove all the money from the machine.

I wonder if this machine is the next one to be dragged out of the wall, or were the culprits attempting to 'skim' cards. Whatever the case, they finished what they were doing and went away, maybe to come back later.

I have done all I can, it is now up to the police."

Ed: Best be extra cautious using the local cash machines this weekend!


Anonymous said...

If it is up to Kent Police, my experience is don't expect much!

Anonymous said...

Slimp piece of metal, bit like a wide tape measure. Sounds like a loop that is put into cash machines to capture cards and records PINS for use later. If anyone has had their card go missing there today this maybe the reason.

Anonymous said...

They should put GPS tracking in all cash machines... the banks make millions and millions, invest in more security please. That Lloyds hole in the wall, as in fact nearly all cash points has a camera mounted within it and Birchington is awash with camreas (for all the good they do, smashed windows, graffiti etc etc) so if this doesn't result in a arrest (and a lite slap on the wrist) then heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

The last time I had the misfortune to talk to a Kent Police civilian manning the ops room in Maidstone, I was asked where Birchington was! That probably explains why we never see a policeman down here. With the good self policing done by your correspondent, at least Kent(Reactive)Police might manage to collar some-one tampering with cash machines. What was going on appears to be the practical end of serious organised crime; can Kent Police rise to the occasion?