Friday, July 06, 2007

Suspect Hunted in Sexual Assault

Police have released a computer-generated image of a man wanted in connection with a serious sexual assault on a girl of 14.

The attack happened on waste ground off Dane Valley Road, Broadstairs, in April this year.

The schoolgirl, who lives in the seaside town, has helped police put together the image.

Det Sgt Ron Beck, of Margate Police, said: “I want anyone who thinks they recognise this man to come forward.”

The attacker is aged around 20, 5ft 7ins tall, thin, with short black hair and a tattoo containing words on at least one of his inner forearms. He also had a diamond-style stud in one of his ears.

He was wearing dark tracksuit bottoms with stripes down the sides, a blue hooded top with writing across the chest, dark blue baseball cap and white trainers.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact DS Beck at Margate police station on 01843 222093 or Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on freephone 0800 555 111.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry this happened to this girl, however it seems from the article that she can only report that there were "words" tattood on the man's arms, and that there was "writing" on his jacket.
It is a serious slur on the educational system in this country that a 14 year old cannot read well enough to provide some rather more helpful evidence like what the words were and what the writing said. This would have been infinitely better in helping to identify this man.

R.Ellender said...

dear annon 2.10pm

i think the last thing this young girl was thinking of at the time was to take a fully detauled description of her attacker

Are you saying that if you were attacked you would be able to remember everything of the attacker

And If your education was so good shame you cant put your name together.

R Ellender said...

The last line meant to say put your name to your comment

Anonymous said...

I think most literate people, even being attacked, who could remember as much good detail as this girl did would be able to read at a glance the name on a jacket.
And its not polite to insult other posters on this blog who are under no compulsion to put their name on a post.

Anonymous said...

Kids today are better behaved and better educated than my generation were born in the mid-1960s. My youngest daughter at Junior school bought home her Report today, she has Science lessons at age 8, I sure didn't. How many O-levels have some of you older people to your name?
That aside, you get very focussed when being attacked and anything not worth bothering with gets discarded or not noticed other than to get whoever it is attacking you off.

Anonymous said...

Do you live on the same planet as the rest of us, 3.43? 'better behaved' and 'better educated'; you have to be kidding! I did science at age 5 in the 1950s at a village primary when we grew our beans in jam-jars with wet blotting paper; the only difference was that we didn't call it science! Go and catch a bus on the Canterbury Road when Ethelberts and Ursuline both empty and see how better behaved our youngsters are now. You might be blessed with an 8 year old who is a paragon of all virtue but they are sadly lacking today!

Anonymous said...

4:35 PM kids are no worse now than they have ever been, some are just as noisey and rude as when I was at school in the mid 70s. Your rosy 50s view of growing beans on blotting paper is in stark contrast to my Uncle on the Rose Hill Estate, Morden who in the 50s was in all kind of gang fights as well as running for bookies, maybe some of your generation in the 60s who fought each other on Margate, Brighton and Scarborough beaches and broke the law because they could (pot heads) and who set the rot with the permissive society (hope you're proud of them) or some of my generation with heads in glue bags burning down seaside shelters (Broadstairs, above Preacher's Knoll in 78ish) or how about the millions killed by older generations of the 20th century, were the atrocities then reflective of good behavior?
I think you must have your head up your backside mate if you think your generation was any better.

Anonymous said...

No.5.47, I would find it very difficult to insert my head into my backside and I'm sorry but the data on juvenile anti-social behaviour all points to a far worse picture now than 10 years ago, let alone 50 years ago. If you cannot accept that as a fact then there is no point in further discussion with you.

sue said...

I cannot believe that you people are discussing the educational deficiencies of a victim of a sexual attack! You are unbelievable. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I think the original point was more that the educational system is deficient, leading to this situation.
Its not the poor girls fault, no one has even said they wonder what she was doing on her own in a known dodgy area of wasteground-

Skool Teecher said...

'If you cannot accept that as a fact then there is no point in further discussion with you.'
That is arrogant. Isn't difference of opinion what debate is about?

Anonymous said...

If someone is insisting black is white ( if I can say that these days) then there really is no point in further discussion.