Friday, July 27, 2007

Specialist Treatment for Assault Victim

A Man suffered a fractured eye socket, a broken jaw and cuts to the head after being attacked outside Bar 26 in Margate.

The 27-year-old victim was punched and kicked after stepping in to help his girlfriend, who was being assaulted by a group of women in an alleyway behind the club.

He was taken to the QEQM Hospital in the town, but later transferred to Ashford's William Harvey Hospital for a specialist scan.

A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent. He has been bailed to return to Margate police station on Wednesday.

Anyone with information about the incident, which took place shortly after 3am on Sunday, is asked to contact police on 01843 222194.


Nethercourt said...

What on earth is going on?
When I were a lad, a violent altercation resulted in a bloody nose, or at worst a dental bill.
If you took on a graduate from the sporting youth club you could expect them to give you a few before you got one in yourself.
Are these injuries a sign that it may not be wise to train toddlers in the martial arts?

Anonymous said...

It may be an unexpected result of the smoking ban! A number of licencees and police officers have told me that they are experiencing trouble kicking off outside premises as smokers congregate outside. Most licencees and staff are thus not picking up the problem in the early stages and putting a stop to it before it gets serious.

Anonymous said...

The police have already unsuccessfully opposed the licence for bar 26 which has been a violent place,a place where criminals gather, and a place where you can buy bootleg tobacco or drugs since the day it opened.
Not a nice place to go for a quiet drink on a summer evening.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Thanet louts (girls too) who don't know how to behave at the best of times. This 'scum' behaviour happens throughout the UK, mainly because of the alcohol, nothing to do with cigarettes, you can't blame violence on them. It's the ASB that is rampant fuelled by alcohol.... nasty mixture... like Hitler & gas!
Shut the place down for 3 months!

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt single out one place over another, its everywhere. you should of seen the fuss in Broadstairs last night, i am amazed the police can keep their cool, in Italy or france they dont stand for any nonsence.

Anonymous said...

my experience is that Bar 26 is a well run drinking place and that much trouble occurs because there are young people leaving Frank's places just a few doors up. Bar 26 has had a relentless campaign against it and I wonder why that is?