Thursday, July 12, 2007

Round and Round

Good news for Lymington road in Westgate and Boundary road in Ramsgate at tonight's full council meeting. They've both been awarded lottery funding for their play area development projects and I'm sure local people in both towns will be delighted.

I hear that I missed an AWACS aircraft doing circuits out of Manston today; I was taking part in a debate on the "Big Brother Society" at Westminster. However, I did come home to some statistics from Manston airport, that I had requested in response to Cllr David Green's notice of motion, in regard to the S106 agreement and his concerns involving flight paths, night flights and training flights from Kent International, which will be debated at a future Cabinet meeting.

Cllr Latchford has told me that that compliance with the S106 agreement is monitored and that in April, May and June of this year, there was a total of of 908 movements of 'Heavy' aircraft on Manston's Runway 28 and 867 on Runway 10.

During the period of between January 1st 2006 and 30th May 2007, fines totalling £15,000 were levied against S106 non-compliant night flights.

In June, there were 100 Heavy training circuits in total, spread over five separate days.

For contrast, there were 86,000 movements at the three main London airports, Kent International had a total of 516.

Oasis, which operates the red and white Boeing 747, were able to move their last training run on to a Tuesday and they will continue to do so, when possible, subject to slot availability.

I hope that's a help to everyone?


sue said...

I was trying to watch a film at about 8pm last night and had to turn up the volume about every 20 mins to hear the tv over the sound of him flying over (very low it seemed). I found it extremely annoying and distracting. I think it is a bit of a cheek to allow this without bothering to find out how it might disturb people. (like me)

Mr Friday said...

Had an email from Kent International Airport yesterday saying they were in discussions with a well known UK airline to test the feasibility of bringing regular scheduled flights back to the area.

Let's hope this comes to something and isn't another pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

1:33.. I have removed your commnet - reluctantly - because it represents, in my view a personal attack on one of our local councillors and breaches the acceptable use policy.

I have removed the parts I'm unhappy with and the rest is reproduced below. You are free to criticise anyone here, me included, but please choose your language a little more carefully if you do. - Thanks SimonM

"Yes, great news for Lymington Road, sadly, it will just be another excuse for xxxxxx to take all the credit and brag. He's an xxxxx and quite how he got back in again is beyond me ! The Lymington Road site has needed something for the youngsters for a long time but I understand many, many people have been involved in getting this off the ground."

Anonymous said...

Don't know how long it is going to take before people realise, Manston is NOT near London. It is not a place that anyone in their right mind would want to fly to from anywhere else. Maybe it would work with one-way air traffic out of Thanet.
Develop it.

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish the 106 agreement is not worth the paper it’s written on.

As for runway usage there is a distortion of facts due to training flights and of course off route approaches. A good number of heavy landings are by former soviet aircraft which land under permit. What is a fact…the three London airports heavily fine planes such as these that’s if they want them, for landing fees. The 106 has not been upgraded for some years as well as the fines system – and whilst on the subject of fines some are missing and this is being taken up with the various agencies to recover because TDC will not do anything.

It’s a pity that KIACC members hear of news on a blog site instead of its chairman sums up TDC really

Anonymous said...

What happens to the fines collected? Do they find their way to worthy causes like your basketball court in Westgate?

DrMoores said...

I would assume the fines would be used to help fund more urgent priorities.