Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Revolution Revival

Good to hear from a Kent News report that Revolution Skatepark, at St Peter’s in Broadstairs, has revamped its outdoor area, creating a new, multi-faceted ramp area.

Park owner Dan Chapman said he and staff had been “grafting” for the last month to build the new facility.

He said: “It’s for all those keen skaters and BMX riders that have a lack of facilities throughout the summer months and school holiday periods.

“The park has been open for two weeks now and has really made a difference, giving kids from all over Kent an exciting summer activity.”

The new area was officially opened with a demonstration by skaters from the Vans team. After the demo, Vans ran a competition for local skaters to win new skate gear.

Revolution is regarded as one of the finest skateparks in Great Britain.


Anonymous said...

They have a news email list which I am sire you could subscribe to. I still get the emails dating from the time they were obviously canvassing all local councillors

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dan Chapman for continuing the good work with the Skate Park - it's good to see some one providing the young people in Thanet (and possibly visitors from other areas too) with something they can enjoy. No doubt some of the older residents in Thanet enjoy this too which brings the mixed generatios together. Something Chipperfield should be thinking about for Dreamland.
Wonderful keep up the good work
and thank you.
Eileen Cunnew (Westgate)

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that visitors from outside the area (London and beyond) regularly use the park, agreed it is one of the best parks around and a real plus that its in Thanet.