Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Minster Housing Estate Refused

eGovMonitor reports that the planning application to build 100 new homes in Minster, along with a new public open space, has been refused by Thanet District Council.

The proposal relates to land at Molineux Road, Thorne Road and Monkton Road and is an area of land that was identified for housing in the Local Plan, which sets out planning policy for Thanet and was submitted in May.

However, the application has been rejected by planning officers, because the proposed layout was considered unacceptable and the applicant has failed to provide enough information or justification for the details of the proposed scheme. In particular, the applicant failed to demonstrate that the development would encourage the use of other means of transport outside of the car and they also failed to demonstrate that there was an adequate water supply or sewage capacity for the development.

A meeting with Minster Parish Council was held and more than 300 objections to the proposal had also been received, citing concerns about a range of issues.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Economy and Culture, said: “Our planning officers look very carefully at every application that the Council receives before making a decision. As this shows, if they do not feel that adequate information has been provided by the applicant, then they will refuse it. The problem here was not the proposed use of the site, as it has already been designated for housing in the Local Plan, but the layout proposed and the lack of information and justification provided with this application.”

He added: “We still want to work with the developers and residents to find a way forward for this site, as this application was for one of the biggest developments in Minster for many years. It’s been very encouraging to see the interest that the local community have taken in this application and their comments have been exceptionally useful to our planning team.”


stuart said...

I'm sure it makes sense to someone to refuse an application for 100 new homes at the end of a dual carriageway but to allow the building of 1000 in the most congested part of the area.

Anonymous said...

Ah but one affects the poor, young to middle aged people of Thanet, the other affects the rich, more senior members. And who are the group more likely to tick the blue boxes??? That's right. I worked it out a long time ago and am still wondering why other people are so slow. Us poor who can't afford to live in the villages should just shut up and put up with it!

DrMoores said...

I hate to disappoint you but ticking blue boxes has nothing to do with. Central government has mandated the building of new homes in Thanet and we do what we can to protect our shrinking environment within the tight confines of the planning regulations. If anobjection is valid, then planning can be refused, but Westwood Cross was all part of a much bigger picture.