Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Margate Harbour Arm to be Developed

In a landmark development project in Margate’s regeneration, the Council has agreed provisional plans with developers, Pineapple Properties, to make over Margate’s harbour arm.

The development will transform the existing sheds in a diverse complex of two restaurant/bars, a café, and artist’s studios, adding vibrant life to one of the area’s most historic harbours.

The development will now go forward to the stage of formal planning applications, but it is hoped work can start late this year.

Development plans were put out to competitive tender before the Pineapple proposals were accepted.

Leader of the Council, Sandy Ezekiel said "This is great news for Margate. The development should increase footfall down the crucial area of the High Street. It will also link directly with the Turner Centre, which will be directly opposite. The visual aspect of the harbour arm should also be dramatically improved. We know Margate needs to look better and work better for people visiting."

He added: "There’s no golden bullet with re-generation. This is part of a plan that stretches five years, and ten years into the future. This is just the first phase, but it’s a major step forward. Without the Turner project, developers would not be looking to take on projects like this. It’s a positive message."


Anonymous said...

Would there be any chance of a marina, being included in the future planning of Margate harbour. Perhaps consideration of even a Pier this would enable boat trips from London to Margate and the RNLI could return to their original location. This would release land for the Turner centre.In Holland several years ago, there was a pier on the coast at Scheveningen with a very large advertising sign provided by Phillips I assume they were the sponsers or provided funds to maintain the pier. Margate with sea travel could return to its former glory.

Anonymous said...

A positive step that has my support but a bit worried about the exposure here. What still makes me chuckle is your magnificent picture of the 'Visitor Centre Sign'. We must be the only town in England that has a visitor centre, a director for 5 years and now a curator for an 'attraction' that does not exist! The TC is taking on the mantle of the 'Second Coming' and I hope businesses do not lose out like the Faithful who have waited for 2000 years.

John said...

Whilst "Turner Temporary" mark one was in the headlines it was discovered that the stone pier was not built very well at the end near the lighthouse. There was concern that, alongside the super-iconic gallery, there would be a pile of rubble and funds were being urgently sought to re-build the pier. Has this problem been forgotten?

Doctor Doom said...

The mention of exposure by Anonymous 9:23 gives me the excuse to follow through on a report today in everyone's favourite red-top, the Thanet Times.

Protesters are featured demonstrating against TDC's apparent threat of prosecution against nude bathers at Foreness Point.

With apologies if this has been covered, so to speak, on Thanet Life before, but what exactly are the objections of TDC to this harmless leisure pursuit.

In the 21st century one woud expect a more enlightened attitude in an area so close to the continent, and with a council anxious to attract tourists from afar.

Surely it's not beyond the wit of TDC to allocate at least one secluded section of Thanet's beautiful beaches to those willing to brave the English weather and swim and sun-bathe as nature intended?

Gardfahl said...

I am shocked and saddened that council leader Sandy Ezekiel has managed to refer to Turner Contemporary as the Turner Centre. What was all that money spent on if not to re-imagine the project and give it a new name and a new brand?

John said...

Anon in posting #1 refers to the pier in Scheveningen, Holland. When I lived there a charge was made to access the end of the pier so Philips didn`t cover all the bills!

Tony Beachcomber said...

If they dredge the Harbour out they certainly will be in business, come to think of it,all those artefacts to be found, so will I.