Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Little Lower

I've added more photographs to the library if you wants to see views of Canterbury waiting for the Tour de France to arrive, Ramsgate, with the powerboat racing and the coastal views of Margate and Westgate.

With no circuit traffic to speak of at Manston, I was able to drop much lower over the sea at Ramsgate and then follow the coast back to Reculver. Canterbury was, as you might expect, packed with people waiting for the cycles to whiz by in thirty seconds and it looks as if the city is gearing up for one very large party tonight.


Michael Child said...

Fantastic pictures Simon some of the best aerial shots of Ramsgate I have ever seen. I have published a few of the Ramsgate Powerboat Grand Prix at for anyone who missed it.

Anonymous said...

I was in Canterbury yesterday watching Le Tour & when one of your splendid planes flew over with your banner, people immediately gazed up in wonder. What a magnificent display of banner flying.
What a wonderful message, thousands of people started packing up & making off for Ramsgate, like demented lemmings.
Leaving behind a lot of very bemused cyclists. I hope we can see more of these wondrous displays at other major events. Thanks for using part of your fleet to inform a misguided public.

An avid admirer.

DrMoores said...

I'm told that BBC Radio Kent made the very same observation this morning and in addition, the video footage I shot, clearly shows a stream of people leaving Canterbury and following the banner towards Ramsgate, rather like a modern-day 'Pied Piper'.

I didn't see any Lemmings.. probably need a larger lens!