Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Great Birchington Cash-point Takeaway

Kent Online reports that four men have admitted ram-raiding two banks in Birchington.

They admitted driving a digger into the front of the HSBC and Barclays banks in Station Road, Birchington, and made off with two cash points containing £135,000.

Canterbury Magistrates Court heard the raids took place at 3.30am on July 14 and caused "untold damage" to the fronts of the buildings.

A police car was rammed as the raiders tried to make their escape and the digger was left in a wall of the HSBC. The keys were found in possession of one of the men when they were arrested in a van close to the scene.

They withheld their pleas on their first appearance at court. But each man has now entered guilty pleas to two burglaries.

Magistrates adjourned the case and remanded the men in custody. They will be sentenced at the Crown Court later in the year.


Anonymous said...

Not much you can say in your defence when the keys to a digger that is embedded in a bank are still in your pocket! Can anyone think up a good excuse for the magistrates?

Anonymous said...

"Er - it went off while I was cleaning it, Guv"?

Ewen Cameron