Thursday, July 19, 2007

Face of Shame

This is the face of the teenager who mugged a 70-year-old woman in Margate in February this year. He's now been sent to prison for three years in an unexpected victory for justice.

The pensioner suffered a broken shoulder when she was pushed over and her handbag was snatched from her.

Oliver Beadell, 18, of no fixed home, admitted robbery in St John's Road in Margate on February 28 this year when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court.

Beadell asked for two other offences, the attempted theft of a vehicle and a shoplifting offence, to be taken into consideration.

Det Sgt Mark Dennis said: “Beadell has received a substantial prison sentence for his crime and I am happy with the result. The sentence cannot take away the stress and pain felt by the victim.

“This should be a warning to others who consider committing similar offences against old and vulnerable members of our community in the future.”


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look very ashamed though, does he?

Florence said...

What a monsterous little git he is. I hope they wipe that smug grin off his face in prison - though I doubt it. Shame of it is, he will be out in a year. He only has to serve 18 months of the 3 year term and the difference between one third and one half of his sentence will be on a tag. Less time served on remand, that means he may well be out in a few months. While he is walking the streets, his victim will still be getting over his crime. That's not justice.

Anonymous said...

A pity we couldn't see a picture of him being led away after sentencing; I bet no smug expression when 18 months, at least, to serve was heard. The judge in question needs to be congratulated. Stiff sentencing could actually reduce prison population over the long term as deterrence value increases. I hope this will encourage 'Kent's Finest' to catch more scroats because higher arrests combined with stiff sentences is the way to re-capture our streets.

Nethercourt said...

I'd be interested to know just how this cretin came to be in Thanet at all?
No fixed abode. Could this be a euphemism for 'slung out of one of the kid's homes when he reached 16'?

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Just what should be happening to offenders such as these. Hit em' hard first time or when they get caught that is. Even ONE YEAR is still a long time.I know it would seem like ages to me.Any custodial sentence is better than a slap on the wrist.Again well done that man who passed sentence.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with all of the above but it's only a matter of time before the "prison doesn't work" crowd show up to tell us how foolish we are.

It is a pity this clown will be back on the street in a years time, but at least we have prevented him attacking or robbing anyone for a year.

Snailspace said...

Well done for pasting the cretins face all over the web.
Shame we can't name and shame more of them