Saturday, July 14, 2007

Birchington Ram Raids Arrests

The BBC reports that a series of arrests have been made, following the ram-raids in Birchington early this morning.

Station Road was cordoned off for forensic investigations after a cash machine was stolen from the HSBC bank in Station Road. It was later found intact on farmland.

Ram-raiders also unsuccessfully targeted the Barclays Bank branch in Station Road, where a mechanical digger was abandoned at the scene.

The stolen cash machine and flat-bed truck used to drive it from the scene were later found on a farm near Reculver.

Police said the JCB digger used in the ram-raids was stolen from the Ramsgate area in the route to Birchington


Anonymous said...

anon again!
Nice show, it's all on CCTV in living colour (well, HSBC job anyway) as the camera is just accross the road!
Must have been the Butthead idjits if the Law nabbed 'em already.
I'm off to see some Cornwal rain this year, as of tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Four men arrested over the theft and attempted theft of two bank cash machines in a Kent town can be questioned for another 36 hours.
A police spokesman said they were granted the extension on Sunday afternoon by Canterbury magistrates.

The men were held on Saturday morning shortly after the ram-raid incident in Birchington. Police said they lived in different areas of Kent.

Officers are still appealing for information from any witnesses.

Machine found

They particularly want to hear from anyone who saw a JCB machine being driven from Ramsgate to Birchington in the early hours of Saturday.

A mechanical digger was used to remove a cash machine from the HSBC bank, in Station Road in the town, at about 0335 BST.

The ram-raiders also unsuccessfully tried to steal another machine from a Barclays branch.

The one they did take was later found intact on farmland near Reculver.

Anonymous said...

Is this a copy-cat attack or are the Reculver team the guys responsible for the past 2 years of similar jobs?

Anonymous said...

We live in the flat next to Barclays bank. It was very exciting but scary to see. My wife and daughter have been on the tv news and radio.

Anonymous said...

FOUR men are due to appear before magistrates today in connection with ram-raids on two banks in a Kent village over the weekend.

They are each charged with the burglarly and theft of two cash machines containing £135,880 from the HSBC Bank at Station Road, Birchington, on Saturday and with burglary with intent to steal at Barclays Bank in Station Road, Birchington, on the same date.

Adrian Gowers, 43, of Wildfell Close, Chatham; Robert Waddington, 47, of Brambletree Crescent, Rochester; Brian Kirkpatrick, 41, of Myrtle Road, Folkestone; and Nathan Deakin, 32, of St Christopher Close, Margate, are all due before Canterbury magistrates.

They were arrested shortly after the failed raid attempt at Barclays Bank.

The centre of Birchington was cordoned off during Saturday morning as the shop fronts of the banks were repaired and a forensic team was called in.

Local officers involved in the operation have been praised by Ch Supt Peter West, area commander for east Kent.

He said: "I cannot praise the officers involved highly enough for their initiative and bravery. It also serves as a reminder that we are a 24/7 organisation; our officers are out in the community taking positive action