Monday, June 11, 2007

Your'e That Alan...

The station window at Westgate smashed this morning and the adjacent cashpoint inoperative with what looked like a credit card jammed into the slot. All in a morning's commuting perhaps but the main surprise today was on the train and reminded me of actor, Rik Mayall, in the 'New Statesman', when the taxi driver turns around and says: "You're that Alan Bastard aren't you".

In my case, it was the ticket inspector on the 07:50 to Victoria who said: "You're Simon Moores aren't you? I read your weblog. How are you getting on now you're a councillor?"

I suppose recognition is a fringe benefit or disadvantage of 'not' being an anonymous fictional character but it's nice to have people introduce themselves and make positive comments about the weblog as opposed to those who try very hard to stress the negative, either through personal animosity towards me or my politics.

Anyway, it's the 'Mayor Making' ceremony at the Winter Gardens this evening and as a Margate Charter Trustee, I apparently have to dress-up in formal robes - to be supplied -. I'm not sure quite what happens at a 'Mayor Making' but I'm sure it will be fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Simon I know you have a mind of your own but please don't get sucked into the whole Mayor of Toytown old boy network thing.
Its insidious and suddenly you start to feel morally obliged to vote in a way you might not otherwise so as not to upset your new chums in the red robes.
Somehow though I think you are going to upset their applecart for them on more than one occasion during your first tenure of office.
And if Iris Johnston wears those red pixie boots with the robes like she has done at Remembrance Day parades then please tell her tactfully it may be OK for Mayor making but for Rememberance Day -its a no no.

tony flaig bignews said...

Mayor making how quaint nice to see Thanet wasting money on some ceremonial cobblers.

Might be worth looking at that chain of office and seeing if we couldn't raise money for those in need, such as those about to be stung by your colleagues as Kent Tories increase charges for carers.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I like your blog and visit it regularly but your comment above seems very peevish! I am all for Mayors and the traditional way of 'making'. The role of the Mayor with chains of office etc is a fine bit of our heritage and does not cost a great deal to maintain a link with our past traditions. Whilst it is awful that KCC is happy to spend £600,000 on KCC TV I was under the impression that Central Government also has responsibility for lack of funding and shortages to our Councils in the so called affluent South East?

DrMoores said...

A good point 6:51. All the money has gone North to the "needy" marginals, leaving us, I think with less than £100,000 from central government to tide us over.

Selling the Mayor's gold chain might seem like a grand gesture but it wouldn't go very far and we would be worse off for the loss of our remaining heritage, wouldn't you think.

Aside from any party political differences, the collective priority is to deliver the best value for money and quality of life for local people with the very modest sums that are available. That at least is what I'm working for, whether you like my politics or not!

Anonymous said...

Having moved North out of Thanet ... yes quite an eye opener.

Locally they just spent seven million to research how to spend the 2.3 billion earmarked for the area. We had two million locally (about size of Cliftonville) to tackle fly tipping.

Some of the 2.3 billion will be used to improve housing stock and a circular went round with boxes to tick ... free roof, free double glazing, free structural repairs, free central heating, free re-wire.

Then another seven million for the canalside development and several million to improve local colleges.

And it would upset you to know how much less rates we pay here than we did in Thanet.

Now why did I do up a flat, then a twoup twodown, then a three bed semi plus building my own extension, why did I pay for my own day release studies as an adult working two part time jobs (as well as one full time) to keep a mortgage paid and pay for my studies ... why when qualified did I do seven 12 hour shifts per week.

What I should have done was move North take a council house courtesy of Maggie right to buy sit on my arse on the dole for 25 years bleating about being the poor North and then wait for Labour to give me a new roof, new double glazing etc etc ... and grant aided industry.

Move North Thanetians. Tee hee hee

Anonymous said...

what a load of rubbish some people put on this site. it is something thanet should be proud of having a mayor and chatier trustees they do so much in raising money for all types of charites and yes it is great to see the mayor and everybody else dressed up letting people see that thanet is a place to be proud of so stop moaning and surport thanet and its mayor

Anonymous said...