Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yes, Yes, Yes

Three women proposed to in less than 24-hours and each of them said "Yes". I suppose it may be a new world record of sorts!

While Thanet is hidden under 300 feet of cloud, it's bright and sunny past Whitstable this afternoon and was enough to get the last proposal in over Bluebell Hill. Yesterday's were both over the Isle of Wight festival, which from above, looked as though the island had been occupied by a large army of tents!

While I was waiting for the results of today's exercise, by SMS message, of the proposal from the ground, from the potential couple to be, I was entertained by the regular comments from ThanetLife, arriving via re-directed email, into my Blackberry. It did rather strike me that a single individual worrying over who was and was not selected to run in last month's council elections was more than a little pointless in the grand scheme of things but everyone is entitled to an opinion, however bizarre that might appear; one of the remaining few benefits of living in a democracy.

It was pointed out in the news this morning that the retiring Tony Blair's ambitions to become a Deacon of the Catholic church - he met with the Pope this week - may not stop there. In fact, there is no certain impediment, we were informed, to Tony running for Pope one day if he can get the votes of the College of Cardinals once the present Holy Father leaves us. However, following a second meeting this week, which appeared to ratify the imposition of a new European constitution that nobody wants, a space will appear for a new "President of Europe", who is likely to be a retiired President or Prime Minister from a European Union member state.

I wonder who that might be? Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

Heaven help us! He has been strutting the world stage as 'President' Blair for the past 10 years based on his deployment of British Armed Forces and underpinned by his continued retention (and now expansion) of Britain's Nuclear Deterrent. Now he might become a REAL President!!!

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is that my world, such as it is, is falling to pieces so darn fast around my miserable ears that I now understand why some folk do not want to live forever.
As a former Young Socialist I have of course become totally disillusioned with what now passes as the Labour Party.
I am going to get Gordon Brown as PM.
As a former Roman Catholic I now have an ex SS German as Pope and to cap it all Tony Blair (eventually no doubt St. Tony) is going to cross the floor religiously speaking and not only convert to Catholicism but get a big promotion at the same time into the bargain.
I have a Police Force which isn't a force to be reckoned with (especially in Thanet) , but a socalled "service" which is in fact institutionally denying the public any service where it matters.
I have local councils (TDC and KCC) which waste taxpayers money on Turner Centres and such other rubbish but can't provide the basic services they were set up for originally.
I can't get NHS dental treatment or proper GP medical care where I live in Westbrook, although I paid for it all my life.
My state pension is unlikely to be enough to live on even modestly although I paid for it all my working life so far.
Its the pits.
Anyone agree, disagree or have anything to add?

Anonymous said...

Return to Mother Church, 6.30pm and pray for your redemption from sin; at least the prospect of Heaven at some stage is better than the hell Blair and his so-called Labour Party have managed to create for the average working man in Britain.

Anonymous said...

6:30 I couldn't agree with you more. Clearly expressed too.