Friday, June 01, 2007

Talk to the Hand

Using Tesco's example to encourage professional development among its workforce in dealing with its younger customers, here's a common list of 'New English" expressions and phrases that may prove useful to anyone who happens to find themselves outside the Magistrate's court in Margate's Cecil Square and wishes to communicate with passers-by:

• Am I bovvered?: I don’t care
• B in the D: Back in the Day
• Bad: Good NB: this can also mean bad; when in doubt, just nod
• Ballin’: Doing well
• Blood: Mate, chum
• Brotha: Mate
• Buggin: To act crazy or strange
• Cane: To do something to excess
• Cuss: Defame
• Homeboy: A person who’s there for you like a brotha
• How’s it hangin’?: How are you today?
• Innit?: Isn’t it? Is it?: You know? Oh, really?
• Is it blood?: You know, mate? Oh, really, mate?
• Laters: Cheerio, goodbye
• Minging: Ugly, unattractive
• Nark: Annoy
• Old skool: Old fashioned, dated, retro (can be derogatory or not) NB: This is not your alma mater, that is Old School
• Phat: Wicked, cool
• Rank: Disgusting, horrible
• Slammin’: Pleasing to the eye
• Safe: That’s OK
• Safe blood: Brilliant, my brotha
• Sound: That’s good, jolly good
• Talk to the hand!: I’m not listening
• Vexed: Stressed
• Wack: Weak, boring
• What you chattin’ about?: Shut up, you’re talking rubbish
• Where it’s at: The coolest place to be
• Word: I understand, really
• You get me?: Do you understand?


Michael Child said...

Heavy man, some cats, just too far out, ballin’ used to be something to do with chicks. Oh well, do not adjust your mind reality is at fault.

Anonymous said...

:) believe me this list is already out of date. B in the D :) these phrases were common - nowadays I'm at a total loss when trying to understand a teenager!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Is this official Margatespeak?

In the past two weeks the word "brutal" has been used at a course I'm on. Mainly by those under 30.

e.g. she looks brutal - we would know it a fit or striking.

he's really brutal at work, meaning he's good at what he does.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until "on message, I'm really cool Gordon" discovers and enforces "Ebonics". Then we'll all be knackered!

Anonymous said...

Many of the people you represent and who most need your help, Councillor, will be those who have to attend Margate Magistrates' Court and who may use this sort of language (at times at least). Will you refuse to deal with them, or offer them a "Thanet Life" english language course before you see them?

DrMoores said...

The written English in the last post appears familiar.. let me guess!!

Anonymous said...

Careful DrM 1201 will try to put you in the frame for the Iraq war and the Kennedy assaination next. It doesn't matter what you say he'll just take the opposite view, even if you gave everyone in Thanet a million quid each, he'd winge!!!!