Sunday, June 03, 2007

Take the Lead. Be a Learner

All right, so the Mail on Sunday is slightly further to the right of Ghengis Khan but it does serve a useful purpose in revealing stories of a society that has lost its marbles.

Last week, we heard that children would no longer be encouraged to raise their hands in class, least it oppress those that didn't have the answer to classroom questions. In fact, good teachers have had a solution to the problem of involvement for generations, it's called encouraging the shyer children but with increased state intervention, this may be conveniently ignored with much more.

Today, we hear that as modern educational theories whittle away at the traditional role of head teacher, a London primary has jettisoned the familiar title and now refers to him as a "lead learner".

The rebranding is seen as an attempt to create a more informal and inclusive classroom atmosphere. Others however condemn the move as evidence of more 'dumbing down' of the educational system. To me, it sounds plain silly but you may have a different view?

What other lunacy do we have in the newsprint this week? Channel Five is facing angry protests after it screened a Mormon recruitment advert - "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" in the middle of programmes watched by infants.

Under broadcasting regulations, religious advertising is banned during children's programmes and now a broadcasting watchdog is investigating why the channel allowed the religious group to screen the commercial during Milkshake!, a morning show watched by children as young as two. What the infants made of it all, Lord only knows? What's next I wonder, the Teletubbies followed by a the Friday morning sermon from Tehran?

Meanwhile, the "almost" PM, Gordon B, is proposing new, "Hardline anti-terror laws" including an extension of the 28-day limit on detention without charge. Back in Birchington however, we can't even stop the drunken kids in the town square throwing bottles and cans of beer at passing cars. I wonder when the middle-classes so despised by this government will finally rise-up and declare that they've had enough of the bureacratic Euro-lunacy that now defines our society. Just wait until July 1st when the smoking ban comes into force and every church has to have a sign prominently displayed to the congregation but thankfully, not in front of the altar.

I wonder what they'll think up next?


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Couldn't agree with you more Simon.

Is it nice on the coast today?

Anonymous said...

We live in a crazy world these days Simon - I wonder just how long it will be before people revolt against the morons who come up with these outrageous ideas - who is it that listens to them thinks it's a good idea and then enforces it on the general public? Perhaps we should all try ignoring them and see what happens!!
Eileen Cunnew

Anonymous said...

Sea mist on northerly breeze; 18c and no sun, Mr Jacobs.

I suspect that as a smoker I am now to be treated by the law in the same category as a thief, when I decide to light-up in my company car when travelling by myself to work. (On the spot fine £80 is the same as shoplifters responsible for over £2 billion of theft from shops per year.) I do not recognise the country I grew up in any more; it seems Britain is in an unending nightmare of state intrusion and control of people's lives. Thought-crime is fast becoming a reality. As Mr Brown rolls out detention without trial lets also have Room 101 as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, this was once a proud nation but now we are encouraged to spy on our neighbours, civilians are policing the country and kids are running riot. it is all very sad.

Anonymous said...

'Kids are running riot' above, a very sweeping and general statement which lacks clarity and which was said when I was a boy. My children don't 'run riot' there are however a minority that are a problem and have been bought up by problem parents and it is because of a hardcore who are unable to behave properly the rest of us suffer.

Anonymous said...

Hardened, armed, drug-crazed gangsters on a crime spree involving the use of automatic weapons.
Old bloke who lights up fag in "verboten zone".
Now lets take a guess at who the Police will nick to make their target this week!

Anonymous said...

Blue Peter will now (in an effort to be more inclusive) broadcast live public beheadings! Viewers will be encouraged to answer a quiz at the end of the show on a premium rate number!

Tony Beachcomber said...

" I wonder when the middle-classes so despised by this government will finally rise-up ". Simon that is a bit of a bold statement.
I think nobody has a problem with the middle class, they seem to have a problem with the rest of society. All we hear from the express and the mail is "middle england this and middle england that".
The majority of the middle class have good homes, good jobs and bright futures. There are many people who have absolutaly no chance of acheiving any of them goals, my thoughts are with them.

DrMoores said...

It's a perfectly reasonable statement Tony. The middle classes aspire, work, pay more and more taxes and support a growing feckless and frequently anti-social underclass that "consumes" and contributes only to the decline in our society, regardless of how many billions the government throws in its direction.

I'm all for supporting those who wish to improve themselves and do better in our society, it's an admirable objective. The trouble is that the results of ten years of wasted billions show little in return!

Anonymous said...

The problem with your comments, Doctor, is just where you believe the "underclass" begins and ends. You refer to the middle classes. Is the "underclass" anyone who falls below the middle. Does it include working class individuals who strive hard but perhaps achieve less for various reasons?

I fear you are throwing these terms around too glibly.

DrMoores said...

Don't be silly 11:57. You know as well as I do what the underclass looks like and how it acts, in contrast with the "working class" and if you don't then perhaps a short walk around some of Thanet's problem areas might enlighten you.

Anonymous said...

Thanet's problem areas seem to grow all continually. What with the Governments experiment in social policy by insisting new built private estates include a social housing element. Combine this with the local authorities paying housing benefit to buy to let mortgages it seems we all have to share in the misery.
Dr. Moores is quite correct the working class and middle classes have been squeezed by successive government to fund the idle and feckless. I think it is time we realised they are a luxury we can ill afford. Oh and before Dr Doom and all the other bleeding hearts start bleating. I grew up on a council estate (Newington) but I improved my lot in life by hard work and education. When you pay people to be poor the one thing you will never run out of is poor people.

Anonymous said...

My point, Anon 707, was that Councillor Moores had not mentioned the "working class". He referred only to the "middle class" and the "underclass". He has - kind of - clarified his position.

Might be nice if you and others could be a bit more respectful of views that oppose your own. Too many subscribers to this blog use terms like "bleeding hearts start bleating" and "political correctness" as insults. It may offend the prevailing Daily Mail inspired thinking to offer a more liberal take on life, but it is a legitimate take, and you don't have to be quite so hostile in your comments.