Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Secret Mission in Unposted Space

Two interesting items of post were waiting when I arrived home tonight. The first item being the voluminous TDC draft annual accounts for 2006/2007, which I have to review and scrutinise with the other members of the audit committee, in time for next week. There goes my Sunday to serve a greater cause!

The other item of post arrived amazingly quickly, next day, having been sent the evening before. This was from the headquarters of the 'Communications Workers Union' and contained "secret" instructions for a little escapade over Greater London in advance of next week's postal strike. I do hope the weather improves by midweek or they will be disappointed.

I guess we are going to have a postal strike with an element of air support. It's a shame we can't throw in a "Farewell Tony Blair" banner as well.

It seems that homeless Tony will be temporarily moving to the offical residence Chequers while Gordon moves in to No10. Chequers is only down the road in an aviation sense and I'm sorely tempted to organise a whip-around to fund a retirement "Tonygram" from the people of Thanet or simply do it myself for the hell of it

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