Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Sea View

I discovered today that Essex is less than twenty miles from Thanet by air. Now this may be stating the "Bleeding obvious" to a pilot but if you are a local authority that urgently wishes to re-house people elsewhere, '20' I'm told, is a magic number and the presence of a large amount of Thames Estuary seawater in between isn't going to deter you from invoking the '20' rule. Of course you have to cross the QE2 bridge to get here, a diversion in excess of 20 miles but let's not allow small details to get in the way.

There was a meeting of the community safety group this morning and I would ask readers to make a note of the number 01843 577888 (it's on the sidebar links). This is the anti-social behaviour number and if you encounter problems of this nature and/or you spot under-age drinking, then please call it.

The police, in conjunction with the council, are trying very hard to clamp-down on the under-age drinking problem we have with children in Thanet so if you see this happening, please call 577888. The same number also applies to other nuisances, such as mini-motorbikes and more.

I was interested to note the website, 'bebo' is once again connected with organised and orchestrated gang disorder. This is an issue I plan to take further if I can, as bebo claims to be socially responsible but I see continued evidence that it is becoming a growing part of the anti-social behaviour problem. What one can do about it though is an entirely different matter altogether!

For Westgate and Birchington residents, I have asked the police if they will pay closer attention to Birchington square - after last Saturday's report of a gang throwing bottles at traffic - and also Westgate station, as I notice that the 'Bic' lighters are back on the line and these frequently imply an activity other than smoking cigarettes.

I commented today, that dealing with anti-social behaviour is a challenge that unites both parties here in Thanet. So many people's lives are being made a misery by a tiny minority and as you will have read, from comments made here by Cllr Wells, there's a great deal of effort being made to tackle the more visible concerns that plague the island and its population. Sadly, in a world where everyone has 'Rights' and the worst offenders know them by heart, 'Zero-tolerance' starts to resemble 'Zero-sum' when it comes to moving as expeditiously as the population would like, to deal with some of the more pressing issues.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the number and have made a note. Whilst I have to accept that the issues you describe above have been forced on TDC and KCC by Central Government legislation, we see yet again the scourge of lack of clarity, muddled responsibility and blurring of boundaries and duties between Police/KCC/ TDC. If it is to be the resposibility of TDC to uphold the law on Thanet's streets, we need a Thanet Police and our own Chief of Police. We blur the issue of law-breaking by calling it anti-social behaviour because it suits Government to de-criminalise theft, criminal damage, breach of the peace, assault etc! So when I see a group of drunk and disorderly youngsters kicking in a car and setting it on fire, I ring TDCs number rather than 999! Sue's allotment hut burning arsonists should also be reported on the same number? So the Police continue to avoid responsibility for keeping the peace and upholding the Law and this is progress?

DrMoores said...

You are right, there is a distinct blurred feeling about all of this!

If a crime is being committed, the 999 is the number, if it's "anti-social behaviour, then it's the other number and thanks to muddled government policy the citizen suffers.

More money.. more police on the beat and harsher penalties for the behaviour that ruins peoples lives but it's never going to happen unless we throw-out 30 years of the muddled liberalism that created the awful mess we are all in.

Anonymous said...

RE anti social behaviour bebo comment final paragraph may I suggest that all parties are united in stamping out this blot on our society in Thanet.
Eileen Cunnew

Anonymous said...

A suggestion about BEBO. Why don't we all join it and join in and make it 'un-cool' and youngsters will then leave it.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Facebook is so much better than Bebo or MySpace. Are you on Facebook Simon? You ought to be.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the stocks...a bit of ritual humiliation might make them think twice about vandalism and anti social behaviour and give the rest of us a nice 'feelgood factor!.

Anonymous said...

At the end of day nobody in the Public Services seems to know who is resposible for taking action and they don't communicate with one another. We have visable policing during 9-5 which reassures the voting public during the day. We have community wardens, CCTV mobile vans provided by both the Police and Thanet Council and also fixed CCTV cameras.Public resoures are being wasted at giving different these Public Bodies the same responsibilities.Don't think one hand knows what the other is doing!!! Our kids do need more respect, ok there are a few that cause trouble, but the huge majority of kids in Thanet are very well behaved and current measures will only alieniate them. We all young once!!
It is very much hoped that Broadstairs Council/Thanet will also be setting an example to the younger poeple by not granting an Alcohol License for alcohol to be sold in Victoria Gardens Broadstairs this summer.The Barn dance certainly was a bad example last year, the music was very loud, and ended at 11pm and a noise nuisance to local residents, the bar area at the back of the marquee was clearly visable to people walking past. This is defineitly not setting a good example to the teenagers, sends the message that "We can do it you can't" The Council has imposed a curfew at 9pm for teenagers, maybe it should also apply to some of the activities that it authourises!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree The Council should not endorse the sale of alcohol in Victoria Gardens, it would be hypocritical. The area has been badly policed, and now the draconian measures have been introduced to make up for this lack of policing.