Friday, June 22, 2007

The Notts Farewell

As a ward councillor and a member of the licensing committee, I attended the funeral of Nottingham Castle landlord, Richard Would, today at All Saints Church in Westbrook.

It was a touching and emotional ceremony with a church filled by friends and family, to mark the passing of a well-loved local figure, whose life was tragically cut-short as a consequence of the violent assault that took place in the pub on the evening of February 24th. Whether his subsequent sudden death will be treated as a murder, is still uncertain but I am certain that the community in Westgate wishes to see the perpetrators of the assault bought to justice without further delay.

Richard left behind Lynne, his wife of 30 years , seven daughters and a son. He came to Thanet in 1998 and made a valliant effort to change the Nottingham Castle from the anti-social bar it had become under the control of its previous landlord, into a family pub. His success was reflected in the number of people that attended his funeral today.

He will be missed by all his patrons and by the community and my deepest sympathy goes to his family at their loss.


R.Ellender said...

I would like to join in with my thoughts to the Family left behind by mindless thugs. My friend was injured in the attack trying to help out the landlord he substained a very bad eye injury missing his eye by 3mm as one of these cowards used a glass on him. And is now waiting for further operations to correct his eyesight. I beleive 10 people are on police bail over the attack. Again my thoughts go out Richard Would's family and friends.

Anonymous said...

How very sad.
It is bad enough that westgate has lost a respected member of the community but when you consider that the police are unlikely to secure a conviction. If it was up to me, I would have all those on police bail in this case named and shamed.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Very sad, and they say smoking kills...
I say alcohol kills more, and they should start to ban it as they have done with smoking.
It just makes normal people in to drunken idiotic louts.
There should no forgiveness if you purposely kill someone, either drunk or sober.
As for drunk drivers who kill, the warnings are everywhere, we all know the rules... so if you drink/drive/kill, it must be classified as MURDER!